GCD Global Understanding


Global Understanding

Students actively seek a personal understanding of the interaction of power/privilege and economics, ethics, politics, religion, environment between countries/cultures.



I wanted to join an activity that allowed me to view the world in a different way, to make my worldview more in-depth. I joined the MUN to look at the world in a more holistic way, where through this activity, it allows me to explore some of the world problems that could affect many of us now.

In our latest MUN meeting, we discussed the cybersecurity as a North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and I was able to represent the United Kingdom. The UK really stands strongly against cyber crimes and they have their own task force to tackle these issues. This really helped me realize the importance of the security of cyberspace that we use every day. Each year, there are many crimes that occur that affects and hurts so many innocent lives, from bank account hacks to exploitation of private information.

I also experienced the significance of this issue recently in my school community work, where I was trying to negotiate with the school on creating a new social platform for student council. The school stressed the importance of cyber securities where we need to be cautious about the information we put up to make sure we are responsible and safe citizens in the global cyberspace. That is why it is so important to make sure that we have regulations within our own communities to make sure that the information we put up is filtered and thoroughly read through before publicized. As I thought that information on cyberspace could be removed anytime, the reality is that even if we think those contents are removed, it stays up there in some way that we will never know.

Especially in such advanced ages, people’s anonymity can be kept through advanced hacking that is very difficult to trace, and it is important to build awareness for ourselves to not make ourselves vulnerable in the first place.

I think this really ties closely to how new technology could be a danger to us where we have to constantly think about the implications new technology could bring to us. With the advancement of automation, we are easily susceptible to hacking since all of our lives are connected to a satellite flying around the earth. The connectivity is amazing as we can access information faster to help finish your physics report, to connect with your friend instantly to finish your TOK presentation, but everything comes with a cost. We’ve seen cases where automation in driving has led to some deaths. How AI has become so smart that we could not override in some cases as it occurred in Facebook where they created their own language that we humans couldn’t understand.

Technology is all not bad, they are amazing, and it constantly reminds us of the greatness of our human mind. But it is important that we continuously think critically about the potential impact on the world. We must not let the technology override the best of us. That was my primary response when I learned about cyber securities in the model united nations. I hope to explore more about how United Nations and NATO help achieve the safest environment possible in cyber space as we file our resolution representing the United Kingdom.