GCD Global Understanding


Global Understanding

Students actively seek personal understanding of the interaction of power/privilege and economics, ethics, politics, religion, environment between countries/cultures.

Van der Poel

  • Raising awareness within my school community.


MUN and Van Der Poel

I wanted to join a service group or an activity that allowed me to view the world in a different way, to make my world view more in-depth. I chose to join Van Der Poel because it allowed me to not only reappreciate who I am today and how I’m fortunate to live the way I live right now, but also to understand that there are many people who are struggling for something that we take for granted: family. I joined the MUN for myself to look at the world in a more holistic way, where through this activity, it allows me to explore some of the world problems that could affect many of us now.

in Van der Poel, rather than getting to know the orphans in the orphanage more, we tried to connect them to our school on a much personal level. Although it is important to understand their stories, I thought that it was important for us to provide the best we can to connect them with us on a more personal level. This was through our annual Christmas party and other retreats that allowed us to connect with the kids.