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Students take responsibility for managing resources such as space, money, time, towards the completion of a goal.

Student council

Haunted House?

In 2017, November 4th, our school invited all students from the school and local communities for an annual food fair event. There are food, drinks, games, raffles and etc. One of the tradition has been allocating booths to each grade level. G11 had to host a haunted house, one of the most lined up events in the food fair.

At the very start of the year, G11 student council representatives were told that we needed to make sure that haunted house, an annual event in food fair, is organized. From the start, we all thought that it needed to be done through the help of everyone in our grade.

This experience was all about combining my past experience both from student council and from other subjects. I think the most relevant subject is design I took in MYP where it relied on myself to completely plan the whole way such as collecting information to find what to do next, such as surveys. By looking at my survey that I sent out to the entire G11, I know what to do to adapt to what people want and like. This is something that was very similar to how I executed haunted house which was the most challenging process ever for me.

I did not intentionally took on the role at first, as I thought it was more about collective efforts, and I thought with everyone involved, it was going to be ok. But then I soon realized that twos was not possible as there were 65 of them, and everyone had different views, perspective, strengths, weaknesses, and schedules. So there was no way that some how all of G11 would magically come up and pull of a haunted house. This is when I thought that Student Council members had to come in to really take control, or at least mediate and set standards that are equal to everyone. Because so many people wanted to be a part of it, it had to be organized in to groups so that we could work more effectively.

setting up the entrance

actors going over roles before opening


First I started from splitting people in to groups. Because I realized that there are many talents within our groups: Musicians, technicians, actors, and organizers. Especially, there are majority of people who worked in the drama section, I started to talk to these people to start on the detailed plans of how haunted house would look. From the surveys, I discussed with these drama people on how we can combine all these ideas, and we came to a consensus that a haunted Hospital theme would best combine all G11s ideas. I thought that I had to decide on a specific goal, or in this case specific theme, because it would take too much time to decide on one theme through discussion, so after discussing with drama students and also my other student council representative. I made sure to explain to the whole grade via other stuco representatives on how we made our decision, and why we think that it combined everyone’s ideas.

After every one got the news, I sent out a document fo them to sign up for different roles. The roles are:

  • Layout/set building/effects –> for people who are just interested in general, especially people from drama, organize inventories, resources, making sets, and creating effects etc.
  • Costume and make up –> for people who are interested or talented in artistic aspects, especially girls who knows how to put make ups on people.
  • Promotion/ticket collecting/communication–> for people who are good with making advertisements, and making sure to communicate with teachers and the school.
  • Acting/Directing –> for people who are in drama, for acting and developing mini story line to make the haunted house entertaining.

These 4 general roles made sure to give opportunities for all the people in our grade. I also urged everyone in our grade to come along to after school meet ups with their respective groups, to organize and prepare before we can actually prepare in the school drama room. Because the drama room is used for class, we could only set up 2 days before food fair, which forced all of us to make sure that everything is prepared and when we can start setting up, everything will be there. I made sure to communicate with group leaders open their progress weekly.

However, after all it is 65 people to organize, there were issues in the attendance and I felt as though it was not fair for people who were working hard for the rest of the grade. I decided to bring them into a room and try to discuss with them of the importance of working with the group. This also allowed me to hear from them to understand their situation as well. Although looking back, I could have been more clear with my communication, since when I was collecting feedbacks after this whole thing was done, some people felt as this whole process was little bit too demanding, and that is something that I need to look back and improve upon. But at the same time, without strong determination, this haunted house wouldn’t be possible.

In the final 2 day leading up to the food fair, I made sure that every group brought in what they have prepared and tried to boost morale by talking to them what they are up to and do they need extra help. Through the rehearsals, I tried to talk to everyone in that set for feedbacks, what they think about the set, what they think could be improved, and what they think is bad. I tried to give them the freedom by telling them that feel free to change things around and gave them extra props that weren’t used so that they can experiment around. In the end, to show how all stuco members and I appreciate their hard work through busy times, stuco reps and I bought everyone chicken nuggets for all G11s and also saying thank you for your hard work and wishing all of us good luck for the food fair day.

In the end it was a great success, where we managed to pull of a very interesting haunted house, and it was nonetheless because of the hard work and Im very proud to have been able to lead them in many aspects and I was happy that we all pulled off as a grade!

haunted house before opening

last minute set up before opening