GCD Personal Goal


Personal Goal Presidential election in 2017 and 2018

  • It was a big challenge following setbacks in the previous year.
  • Some of the challenges by engaging with many people in our high school.
  • Strategies in getting my message out and what to focus on.

Since 10th grade, I had a very ambitious goal that I thought it was a little far-fetched, but at the same time excited me. I knew from the start that I had to do something different to promote my self as a president, since usually, only the rising seniors or 11th grade, runs for the position of the President in High School Student Council. Initially, I felt like I had a decent chance of persuading many of my high school peers, and at this moment, it made me realise how important it is to listen to all the perspective, but as this kind of sense grew, it also made me realise how challenging it is to take into account everyone. But I tried to lay out a clear intention or goal of my presidency, which is to become a student council that keeps trying new things.

A couple of things led me to run for student council president, and one of them is that I felt as though we were basically doing the same things that we did from previous years, and stuck to the agenda of previous administrations. I felt as though that if I ran and be elected, I could start bringing new ideas and new changes that could be implemented over the period of 2 years since I will still have 2 more years of High School because it is hard to put forth some changes in just one year. Another thing that really led me to run was because of some of the situations in the real world. The biggest news amongst all was the United States Presidential Election, and how President Trump was elected President. Although for me, it was more about the outgoing President, President Obama. Even though I’m not American, his words are still inspiring to all the people, and looking back, his presidency symbolized new changes, constantly thinking forward, and that anyone, if you wish, could bring about change. This really inspired me to do the same, that I wanted to inspire my peers within student council, that we could do amazing things.

Presidential campaign poster 2017

During my first campaign, I first tried to reach out to my grade, promoting my self as someone who can be depended on.