GCD Personal Goal

  Personal Goal Presidential election in 2017 and 2018 It was a big challenge following setbacks in the previous year. Some of the challenges by engaging with many people in our high school. Strategies in getting my message out and what to focus on.

GCD Management

  Management Students take responsibility for managing resources such as space, money, time, towards the completion of a goal. Student council Haunted House?

GCD Global Understanding

  Global Understanding Students actively seek personal understanding of the interaction of power/privilege and economics, ethics, politics, religion, environment between countries/cultures. Van der Poel Raising awareness within my school community. MUN

GCD Community Engagement

  Community Engagement Students make a consistent, sustained commitment to serving and developing connections with others. Student council Managing events Working to provide more transparency and bringing changes through my position. Working on ambitious plans to do something new and challenging, the app.  

GCD Fit for Life 2015-16

This year, I have learned throughout the year different aspects to become fit in life. Especially in our PSHE class, through different videos, we have now clearly understood some of our life stage and emotional state that can occur in specific time. The first thing…