G8 Portfolio

Overall this year, I was able to get involved in the community well to produce individual and group works. I’m now going to introduce some of the key ATL (Approaches to Learning) that I think I have achieved this semester. ATL is a criteria that is set to what way of learning has the student achieved to complete an assignment or task.

Media Literacy

I think Media Literacy was the best criteria I approached this semester. Media literacy is Powerpoint presentation, posters etc, that are all researched and put them in to a presentation to explain what i have researched to class mates and teachers.


for english, the assignment that I think that approached this criteria is the screencast i did for analysing and comparing Poem and ads. I was able to analyse the poem from what i understand and explained through the screencast. I also explained the ads i chose to analyse and at the end of the screencast, i gave few pointers to determine which kind of communicating feelings or emotion is better in what way.

List of tasks
Creature creation- October
Literary Analysis skellig- November
Screencast Ads and Poem- December
Create ad and poem- January
The outsiders Final Draft- March
Dialogue- April

Improvements: I need to be able to use wide range of vocabulary in further writing task, in order to do that is to add new words to my spelling every week. Also, my skills on literary device needs to be improved by when doing drafts, i should make it in to a chart or spider diagram to let me understand clearly about the plot I’m writing so that i can use different literary devices more.


for tutor in first semester, we have discussed some of the major global problems where few students volunteered to do some presentation about a single presentation and discussing it with the class mates. I have done a presentation of global warming and a title named 2050, to understand what might be the consequences if we continue producing co2 emissions.
Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.41.27 PM


In class for design, we are doing survival fashion to create clothes that are protecting against a threats that can hurt us. We have to make our research in to a mini presentation given and I think i did well to organise it by putting sources and research result clearly for others to understand.

 List of tasks
Photoshop, creating ads- September~December
Survival Fashion, save our lives- January~June


In science, we were learning about space and students each selected a topic to research about and i decided to do a research about exoplanets. Exoplanets are planets known as habitable planets that are outside our solar system. the research result was presented into a poster and we had to explain it in front of the class.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.21.50 PM


List of tasks
Mini poster about metal (niobium)- September
Metal experiment- October
Poster about space- December
Stopping distance- February


This is a criteria for us to correctly and accurately tell what we know and understanding to others. Succeeding this criteria is important especially for language subjects. I think i did well on describing and communicating to teachers what i learnt.


This is my first year in French where its kind of similar to English but not. Learning French now reminds me of the time I learn English for the first time and it is challenging but I think the key thing is that you can’t give up, and you have to keep on listening and pronounce it during class. Its fun because some of the thing you know before about France changes when you learn the language. Of course language is important because it helps us to communicate each other. The summative task for “Au Marché” is a scene where we have to help customers buy products by telling them how much each food is, where do they sell it etc. It was challenging speaking French and memorising is harder, when your understanding of the language is kind of vague too. But overall this was my main task i think i did well on communication.

4-au-marche-de-la-butte                                      (https://espaciollenovacio.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/4-au-marche-de-la-butte.jpg)
List of tasks
Je me presente (Introducing my self in French)- October
Jeu de rôle: Pas question!- November
Jeu de rôle: Les Courses- December
Summative Jeu de rôle “A table”-February
Project “Tu as passé un bon week-end?”- March


In net games, we focused on skills and understanding of basic strategies to win in net games such as badminton. at the end of the unit, we had a test about whether we understands the rule of the badminton or not. We had to communicate and write down in our own words and explain a partial rule in the badminton clearly. I think i was able to clearly explain my understanding which was correct about the rule of the badminton.

List of tasks
Knowing and understanding- September
Claim/Support/question Invasion/Fitness- October/November/December
Netball game Assessment- February/March


In Japanese at the start of the semester, we learned about conflicts which are some of the common things happen around our daily life where two different perspective clash together where both of them are right depending on the position you are in. We had to write about conflict where how its triggered what kind of problems, what can it develop to and how can we solve it. The assessment required critical thinking about our own opinions and it was put in to test how we can communicate our ideas correctly.

List of tasks
詩の心 (feeling of the poem)- September
碑 (Ishibumi, war)- October
戦争のスピーチ (speech about war)- November
争い (conflict) – November
弟子入り物語 (story about a disciple)- January
少年の日の思い出 (memory of the childhood)- March

Thinking Creatively

Once Albert Einstein said that “logic takes you to A to B but imagination can take you anywhere.” Imagination is a great way to express your thoughts and developing it widely and thinking outside of the box. Performing Art subjects focuses on developing new ideas, original and mind-blowing.


For art, we have worked out whole semester to do a ceramic piece designed by our selves, and by doing this to let us realise the importance of handmade product. I made a cup that represents japan in general, by adding features of japan. As you can see a Shinkansen (bullet train) handle and around it it has a drawing of fuji mountain, Tokyo tower and Yokohama landmark tower. In the middle, it might seem really strange but it is the Tokyo sky-tree which i failed to stick it on top while it was in fire when making.





Music, we were doing this work where we had to compose our own song. We started from thinking of the main chorus so that we can go around the main chorus to do the ending, bridges and of course, the opening. We tried new things and we were able to work out by giving our selves different parts to play which when we combine it, it creates one song. We also came up with lyrics to match with our chorus and worked out well. At first, i was not familiar with the idea of chords and combining them but i was able to figure it out by playing with my group and discussing and now i think I’m capable of combining melody and harmony to songs.

List of tasks
Composing music- September~December
Film Music- January~ April


Convincing somebody is not a easy thing to do, especially to your parents to buy you a new iPhone. This task was simply having a simple structure of speech and explaining with your plot clearly to convince some one to do something. it was not easy. When you talk to someone, you don’t feel the pressure but for this task, its just simply having your statement and convincing somebody, it was difficult for me. My structure sounded good when i looked back but i was making some unusual movement like fidgeting which wasn’t really right for a confident speaker. i would want to improve on my confidence and clearness of pronunciation if something similar comes out.

Clip #28 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

List of tasks
Elevator scene- November
Persuasive speech- January
Informercial- April

Thinking Critically

Critical thinking is something that you think critically, like the name of this ATL. It is the criteria where students try take in what they have learnt and take that in to a hypothesis or thoughts on their extra tasks. I think this ATL is important where you consider different stuff at once and take in to a one solution.

Individuals & Societies

I think i have done well on this infographic task where we have to use graphics to tell the inequality in a country of our choice. The task was to let us think of what may have occur the problems and research it. I did this task successfully by considering about its past, events that happened to try and see a pattern of their economies movement. In this case, i chose Germany where i first focused on the split of the two nation. I then got additional research results about how that have effected the whole country in agriculture, economy and employments. This is also a skill for media literacy where i combined ideas to a media to present to teachers and students.

Inequality in Germany


List of tasks
Religion presentation- September October
World religion research- October
Gap minder screencast- November
Infographic- December
Global Adaptation- January
Globalisation on Yokohama- March~April


Transferring is to transfer your skills or what you have learnt in to a extra task, basically developing your skills in to something bigger. After learning the basic, you get to do big things. It also uses the criteria to communicate your ideas correctly so that what you are doing is not off track and confusing.


For math, we learnt about probability in the first semester before the class was divided in to the levels we are at. We learnt about how to find probability, the chance of getting something, winning a lottery or winning a casino game and so on. After we were able to solve the basics, we were divided in to groups and we had to make a casino game that requires probability that is fair for the one who’s introducing the game and also to the one who’s playing. It has to be just right so that their will be players. I was not able to attend to the game day where we let people play but i heard from my partner that it went well. At last, we had to write a report on how much we won and i think our profit was reasonable and not biased. The transfer was to bringing the probability solving skills and making that into a game and it was fun to do that. It required from critical thinking and communicating to make the game easy to understand to people and I think our group did well.


1. To create more thorough work in individual work to achieve wider variety of criteria in an assessment.

2. To take in more collaborative group work to achieve and share knowledge to produce work.

3. To specify and make each task in to a chart or a diagram and showing step by step workout to ensure my self that the work I’m going to do is well planned and organised so that it won’t be confusing and messy when i present my work.