YIS Fitness Testing

I think we test our fitness because if we know what our level is we can improve and set a goal for ourselves.

Sit-ups test.      For the sit-ups test I got 35 sit-ups in one minute. This test is for Muscle Endurance

Push-ups test I did 29 push-ups in one minute for the push up- test. This test is for Muscle Endurance

BMI          test for weight I got 52.4        for height I got 163.3       I got normal in the BMI calculator

Sit and reach test.      I had to stretch to my toes and I got 14 centimeters. The flexibility test was to test our flexibility.

Burpee test  I got 25 burpees in 1 minute. This test is for Co-ordination, Cardio Vascular Endurance and Agility

For the vertical jump test I jumped 40 centimeters. This test was to see our muscle power.

Cooper test for cardio vascular endurance PE

Today in PE class we did a test named Cooper Test to test our cardio vascular endurance.We went to a park which was 200 meters each lap and we ran for 12 minutes as fast as we could. Each person had a partner to record each of their laps. I ran 10.5 laps which means I went 2100 meters, my partner ran 10 laps which means he went 2000 meters. For a 12 year old I got reasonable which is not very good.