Technology- Blog Investigation Reflection.

During these past 6 weeks, we have worked on three things. The first one was our Blog research , the second one was the Blog brainstorm and the last one was learning about word press.  The reason we did these things was because we had to understand what a blog was what you do on it and what you can do with it. I learned from this unit that if we don’t learnthe basics and know how to find out the important facts, we can’t make a good blog.


For the Blog research here we had to visit 3 blogs and write down what we thought was good about the blog and why we thought it was important. I think this helped us to make a better blog because if we added the things we thought were good then our blog will turn out better.  Another thing is to have pictures (the pictures should stay on the topic) so that the readers don’t get bored. Also, we need to have good fonts and designs, and we should be organized to get the readers attention. When I had finished working on it I found out what was a good blog. I observed my partners and I saw the different  perspectives people had. In the Blog brainstorm we had to make up 5 topics sub topics and details (each one inside of the other) of what we were going to write in our blogs. The reason we had to do the brainstorm was because if we ran out of things to write on our blogs then we will not post for a while. Therefore the viewers of my blog will get bored and go to another blog. So if we make the brainstorm in advance then we won’t run out of things to write. learning about word press  here we had to figure out by ourselves what each section did like adding a post, moderating comments, managing widgets, etc. I learnt how to create menus’ widgets and lots of other things.



The three most important criteria to me are organization, writing and pictures. I think to be organizational is very important because that way people on your blog can search for your things easily without having to rummage through all your posts. Also if your blog is not organized, it will look messy, and if it is messy, someone who wants to look at the same post they saw before won’t be able to find it. I also think writing is important because if you don’t use your grammar, punctuation and spelling correctly some people won’t understand what your saying, and if they don’t understand what you are saying then what is the point of going onto your blog? Another thing is that if your writing makes sense, is organized and is detailed enough it will show that you have a good understanding of english and that you are smart. Finally pictures. When someone doesn’t use pictures and only a ton of words the reader might get bored and stop reading. But when you do then they will see what is happening understand what it looks like and get a little bit more interested.


If you want to check if you made your criteria well, you can do these things. For instance, organization check that you have made categories. Then make sure that you have put your posts in each appropriate category. Writing check if there are any red lines below your words and if you have trouble with grammar you should say it out loud and listen to hear if it sounds right. Finally pictures you should first look at all the posts you have on your front page and see how many pictures you have put per post. So if I have one picture per post that is fairly well if I have two pictures per post then that is great.


In conclusion I am proud of myself. We have done a lot of work in these six weeks and it was hard. Like the brainstorm we had to make many bubbles of description and topics and stuff. Things I would like to improve are maybe writing more words in each comment and add a few pictures. I also might want to add to my blog put a background and other things. I loved to do this unit and can’t wait for the next!


5 thoughts on “Technology- Blog Investigation Reflection.

  1. Hi Aitor !
    I think this is a very good reflection and I like that you made each paragraph in a different color ( I did that too ) because it makes it easy to see the change of paragraphs. Nice work

    // George

  2. Awesome! I can see how much you’ve learned during this unit – and even if some parts were really challenging, you clearly have a good understanding of the key ideas about how to make a great blog. You have selected three important criteria to focus on and you have some great strategies to make sure you meet them. I can’t wait to see how your blog continues to grow!

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