Drama – Tournament Reflection

In drama this semester we have been working in a unit about improvisation. Improvisation is when a scene has not been rehearsed or has not been prewritten so the actors have to create their own scene on the stage. In improvisation there are many different factors and I will talk about them. In improvisation you have to offer an idea for the next bit of the scene and you have to accept others offers for a new bit of a scene. If you don’t accept an idea then the scene will stop and then the scene can’t keep going unless someone makes an offer related to the topic. Another factor of improvisation is thinking on the spot this is when you have to make up your lines instantly and think of how your gonna keep the story fun and exciting at the same time as making sure it does not go off topic. The last factor is naming the scene, naming the scene is very important because if you come in without naming what you are doing everyone else in the scene will stop and look at you while trying to figure out what you are doing. Which basically means you will stop the scene from moving on.

The way I used offer and acceptance in improvisation was calling out something like this “Cut cut start over that was the worst take ever guys one more time”. That is offering an idea and it is also showing them that I am the director of the movie that is being filmed and that they are the actors. A way I have accepted was, when somebody screamed “There’s an alien over there!!!!” or something like that then I would accept the offer and maybe also scream. Well I think a way I could improve my Double Figures Performance is by maybe imagining I am that person, and moving my hands around a bit more. The reason is because when he was hypnotizing I was just moving my hands in a mysterious way which did not look as if I was hypnotizing. The way to make it look more like that is by maybe waving my hands a bit more and looking mysterious. I think a skill I could use in performance is thinking on the spot because if I were to forget my lines then I could just think of something that I would’ve said normally and say that so it would be close to what I was actually supposed to say but with the same idea. I could also maybe take the hand gestures that I have practiced with the Double Figures Performance.

Out of 10 for criterion C I think I got a 7 because I did well in the space jump (or at least I think I did), but in the Double Figures Performance I did not make the hand gestures close enough to the text of speech which I think lowers my grade by allot.

This is the Space Jump Performance

This is the Double Figures Performance.


Technology Create Reflection

In technology class this week we have done the Create part of the Design Cycle in the Becoming a Blogger Unit. We have made an About Me page and updated our widgets to make our blog easy to navigate through. We also created a navigation menu that included all of our categories and pages. I chose to make the name of my About Me page About The Author because it is basically about the author.

At this moment I am very proud of my blog design. I like how the green squared background due to the fact that it contrasts with the white and also that it keeps my blog simple and neat. I also like my header image because I made it myself on photoshop. Even though it does not look super cool and colorful I still like it because it does not have to be super cool and colorful and that it is contrasting, blending and simple. 

The thing I am most proud of on my blog is my About Me page because it is the most detailed thing I have ever written on my blog and it was the longest thing I have written on my blog. It was a lot easier to talk about myself than any other subject thats why to me it seemed the most well written. It included a lot of detail which I require in all of my posts. The last reason on why I like it is because it talks about my passion which is astronomy.

In conclusion I think my blog is very well done and has many different topics and things to read about. As I said earlier it shows how I like to be neat and clean. I have also learn’t many things about making a blog changing widgets and talking about myself. I have learn’t that it is ok to express yourself in public except without too much detail. But the thing I think is the most important is that I like my blog and that it expresses me.


English-The Big Fat Reflection

In english class we have been reading the book holes and watched the film holes. After we did all of that we got into groups of four and created a slideshow for our parts in the film and book. Next we had to show the difference on what the film can do that the book can’t do and what the book can do that the film can’t do. This is our reflection showing who did what slide and us reflecting on what I think we should improve on and what we did well.

Plan Reflection

In this past three weeks, we have been working on the Design and Plan part of the Design Cycle, and that is the second part of the design cycle. In the Design and Plan stage we have done two things one of them is the How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet and the other one is named Theme Design (when we did 3 drawings).  I think the reason we have done these things is because we have to write our thoughts down on what exactly what we want our blogs to look like and be in the future. Also so we can see how the theme would look like laid out instead of seeing it in your mind. I have actually learnt many things from these two activities we have done. I have learnt that even though you have the ideas in your head that you should write them down and that will help you expand your ideas. I have also learnt how exactly I want to make my blog look like, and lastly I have learnt exactly how I want to expand my blog.


I chose the theme “Fleshy” because it is very simple so that there are not too many things distracting you from the background therefore you can focus more on my posts. Another reason why I chose this theme is so that your eyes don’t get weary from seeing so many complicated drawings and repeating backgrounds. I chose this theme because it is simple and I like to keep things simple. Also it shows how I like to keep my blog simple and not too crazy.

I would like to learn how to move my title and tagline into my header image. The way I will learn this is by, maybe asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), googling it or looking it up on youtube. Another thing I want to learn is how to change the color of the boxes next to my post that show the date I posted it in big numbers. Ways I can learn how to do this are, asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), checking the WordPress website or asking one of the tech team members (Idan). One last thing I want to know how to do is how to change the color of the white part where all the posts are. Ways to do this can be by, asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), looking it up on youtube or googling it up.

A thing that was challenging in this unit was the Theme Design because we had to draw 3 very detailed and neat drawings which took a lot of work because we had to do it precise and we had to make the lines perfectly straight in pencil then highlight it with a black marker. I liked doing the How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet because it was easy and also we wrote down how we want our blog to look like in the future and how to get there. In total I think my work was pretty well worked out because in my Theme Design I kept the drawing neat and colorful. In my How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet I think I did ok because I filled out every question in paragraph form.




Unit 1 Music Reflection

At the beginning of grade 6, Ms. Bridgewater, our music teacher told us that we were to choose an instrument to make a solo with. In this unit we have done 3 pieces of work (not including this reflection), they are: Composer Biography, Instrument Tree and lastly the video at the top named Music Recording. For the last task I played “He’s a pirate” from the pirates of the Caribbean (movie). The version of the song I played was simplified but even though I still messed up around the end. We also did a live performance infront of the class, which was for our teacher just to check if we were practicing.

“He’s a pirate” was made by Klaus Badelt, and produced by Hans Zimmer . They both played a great role in making the scores for the pirates of the caribbean. The version of the song I played was simplified for my level and so that I could play it. Even though it was simplified I still made a small mistake around the end of the song. However it was the fastest part in the song and the finger parts were spread out thats why I missed a key. I practiced every two to three days  and the way  I practiced was by  playing the hole song until I made a mistake and then start it over again, again and again until I did it correctly without a single mistake. A problem I had during practice was that I kept failing in one part and kept doing the (song) over and over. But I did not think of the another way which was only practicing that exact part so I did not get a lot better at the song. Also while I was performing infront of the class I kind of forgot one of the parts in the song and I got gravely humiliated.

In this unit I have learned how to practice in the correct way like practicing a part that I don’t know. I have also learned that it does not matter on how fast you play it is all about getting the fingering correct and not messing up. I think a way I can get proficient at playing the piano is by practicing more and maybe put more effort into playing the piano. I would also like to try maybe harder songs. To become a musician I think I would have to practice everyday 4 hours and to keep practicing the same song and trying to keep learning new songs because or else I wouldn’t practice enough and normally musicians have a lot of experience with their instrument so that they don’t mess up. Once I get good enough then I would try making my own songs and post them on  youtube and then maybe do a few concerts. But I don’t think I am ever going to get to that level I just like to play piano for the fun of it.




2012 Field Studies hike

The final outdoor activity we did was the mountain hike. We were out of the hotel for about six hours. On our way up it was very steep at the beginning, but then it started getting smoother and not so uphill. At around 3 quarters of the way we stopped to have a curry lunch and play with the mini boats on the big puddle. Very close to the end there was a cliff and we had to hold a rope because it was very slippery and if you fell you would either have major injuries or die. I think I was responsible because I managed to keep my foot on without slipping and I did it all without help. In conclusion I liked the whole entire camp and learn’t many things.

This a picture taken from the top of the mountain.

Strategies’ I used for cross country running

In cross country I used imagery, I thought about myself at the finish line (which helped a lot). But in the second lap I couldn’t keep thinking straight so I had to think of something else that wouldn’t take so much effort. So I had to recreate an image of me in the future sitting down after running. This changed my mood and I wasn’t so focused on the pain in my legs from running. But when I was at around 400 meters from the finish line I just couldn’t think so what I did was focusing on taking big jumps because my legs are long and it is easy to do a smaller amount of big steps than to do a big amount of small steps. I also thought to myself well there is always a finish so why not be patient and wait for it.

2012 Field Studies Mountain Biking

Mountain biking was really fun for me because I am used to riding bikes except not so hard core. We did a very long and steep hill and I managed to do it without walking, so did my friend George, Joi and some other friends. I never walked the whole way and the bike was a little small. I think I showed the Learner Profile term Inquisitive because I thought it was very fun and I improved my balance and biking skills (for mountain biking).

This is my group mountain biking.

2012 Field Studies Canoeing in Hakuba

On the second day the first activity we did was canoeing in the lake of Aokiko in Hakuba. (FYI) Hakuba is NW of Yokohama, on the other side of japan.

Canoeing was the first thing we did, first we were all split up into groups of three and we assigned each other our positions. I was assigned the back position which was the controller and the steerer of the boat. The other two at the middle and the front of the canoe, they were the motors which paddeled and I had to keep the canoe going straight. I guess my group showed that we were co-operative and communicative because we managed to work together like I had to tell them how fast to paddel and they did that speed, and since I was the strongest I coud easily turn our boat. I was also showed to be a risk taker because I jumped into the frozen water with my clothes on (because I forgot to bring my swimsuit). Canoeing was my favorite activity because I loved swimming and getting wet, I also liked it because then I could work better with my friends in the future.

Here is a picture of lake Aokiko

This is lake Aokiko