2012 Field Studies Canoeing in Hakuba

On the second day the first activity we did was canoeing in the lake of Aokiko in Hakuba. (FYI) Hakuba is NW of Yokohama, on the other side of japan.

Canoeing was the first thing we did, first we were all split up into groups of three and we assigned each other our positions. I was assigned the back position which was the controller and the steerer of the boat. The other two at the middle and the front of the canoe, they were the motors which paddeled and I had to keep the canoe going straight. I guess my group showed that we were co-operative and communicative because we managed to work together like I had to tell them how fast to paddel and they did that speed, and since I was the strongest I coud easily turn our boat. I was also showed to be a risk taker because I jumped into the frozen water with my clothes on (because I forgot to bring my swimsuit). Canoeing was my favorite activity because I loved swimming and getting wet, I also liked it because then I could work better with my friends in the future.

Here is a picture of lake Aokiko

This is lake Aokiko


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