2012 Field Studies hike

The final outdoor activity we did was the mountain hike. We were out of the hotel for about six hours. On our way up it was very steep at the beginning, but then it started getting smoother and not so uphill. At around 3 quarters of the way we stopped to have a curry lunch and play with the mini boats on the big puddle. Very close to the end there was a cliff and we had to hold a rope because it was very slippery and if you fell you would either have major injuries or die. I think I was responsible because I managed to keep my foot on without slipping and I did it all without help. In conclusion I liked the whole entire camp and learn’t many things.

This a picture taken from the top of the mountain.

3 thoughts on “2012 Field Studies hike

  1. Aitor,
    I also did a post about the hike, I even had the same Learner Profile word as you. I think the story made sense. I also liked when we could row around on all the small rafts. It was fun.

    // Georgios

  2. Aitor,
    I think that the hike was ok… but TIRING!!! At least we got the curry lunch. BUT WHEN WE WERE DOING THE RAFT WAR, I GOT SO WET!!!!!!!

    • Ya I remember when you fell in with the water up to your knees. Although I didn’t get wet at all I know is that the water was amazingly cold.

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