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In this past three weeks, we have been working on the Design and Plan part of the Design Cycle, and that is the second part of the design cycle. In the Design and Plan stage we have done two things one of them is the How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet and the other one is named Theme Design (when we did 3 drawings).  I think the reason we have done these things is because we have to write our thoughts down on what exactly what we want our blogs to look like and be in the future. Also so we can see how the theme would look like laid out instead of seeing it in your mind. I have actually learnt many things from these two activities we have done. I have learnt that even though you have the ideas in your head that you should write them down and that will help you expand your ideas. I have also learnt how exactly I want to make my blog look like, and lastly I have learnt exactly how I want to expand my blog.


I chose the theme “Fleshy” because it is very simple so that there are not too many things distracting you from the background therefore you can focus more on my posts. Another reason why I chose this theme is so that your eyes don’t get weary from seeing so many complicated drawings and repeating backgrounds. I chose this theme because it is simple and I like to keep things simple. Also it shows how I like to keep my blog simple and not too crazy.

I would like to learn how to move my title and tagline into my header image. The way I will learn this is by, maybe asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), googling it or looking it up on youtube. Another thing I want to learn is how to change the color of the boxes next to my post that show the date I posted it in big numbers. Ways I can learn how to do this are, asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), checking the WordPress website or asking one of the tech team members (Idan). One last thing I want to know how to do is how to change the color of the white part where all the posts are. Ways to do this can be by, asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), looking it up on youtube or googling it up.

A thing that was challenging in this unit was the Theme Design because we had to draw 3 very detailed and neat drawings which took a lot of work because we had to do it precise and we had to make the lines perfectly straight in pencil then highlight it with a black marker. I liked doing the How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet because it was easy and also we wrote down how we want our blog to look like in the future and how to get there. In total I think my work was pretty well worked out because in my Theme Design I kept the drawing neat and colorful. In my How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet I think I did ok because I filled out every question in paragraph form.




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  1. Great job Aitor! I’m glad you found a blog theme that you like, and you have some great ideas for customizing it even further! I don’t know how to change the background color of the posts area, but maybe we can figure it out together!

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