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In technology class this week we have done the Create part of the Design Cycle in the Becoming a Blogger Unit. We have made an About Me page and updated our widgets to make our blog easy to navigate through. We also created a navigation menu that included all of our categories and pages. I chose to make the name of my About Me page About The Author because it is basically about the author.

At this moment I am very proud of my blog design. I like how the green squared background due to the fact that it contrasts with the white and also that it keeps my blog simple and neat. I also like my header image because I made it myself on photoshop. Even though it does not look super cool and colorful I still like it because it does not have to be super cool and colorful and that it is contrasting, blending and simple. 

The thing I am most proud of on my blog is my About Me page because it is the most detailed thing I have ever written on my blog and it was the longest thing I have written on my blog. It was a lot easier to talk about myself than any other subject thats why to me it seemed the most well written. It included a lot of detail which I require in all of my posts. The last reason on why I like it is because it talks about my passion which is astronomy.

In conclusion I think my blog is very well done and has many different topics and things to read about. As I said earlier it shows how I like to be neat and clean. I have also learn’t many things about making a blog changing widgets and talking about myself. I have learn’t that it is ok to express yourself in public except without too much detail. But the thing I think is the most important is that I like my blog and that it expresses me.


3 thoughts on “Technology Create Reflection

  1. Fantastic work Aitor! I actually really like your header image because it’s simple – and now I like it even more because I know you made it in Photoshop! I’m really impressed with your very detailed and thoughtful About Me page too. Well done!

  2. I really like the way your blog looks. Blue is my absolute favorite color.
    My blog has a Union Jack background. I also like your banner, I don’t know how to make one (yet maybe).

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