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In this part of our unit we have started researching on tutorials. The first task we did was observing 3 to 5 different tutorials about whatever topic we wanted, and then we had to comment on what we thought was good or what we thought could be improved.  We then created a blog post with our favorite tutorial (embedded) and wrote about it. Lastly we commented on other peoples favorite tutorials 

On Freddie’s blog I watched a tutorial named “How to draw peace, in Graffiti letters”. I learned that when drawing in graffiti letters you always need to draw an outline to where you are going to draw. I also learn’t that sometimes graffiti letters overlap. Mark’s favorite tutorial “How To Do A Backflip – Extremely Detailed Backflip Tutorial” was very well done even though it was long. I learned that even though a tutorial is long, it is sometimes ok because if you explain in detail, the person will have smaller chances of hurting themselves or doing it incorrectly. Another reason why I think its ok to have it long, is so that he has more time to explain the different ways so that the person can understand better. On Charlie’s blog I watched a tutorial named “How To Tap Dance: Basic Steps”. I learn’t that that tap dancing is not as hard as it seems because normally when you watch a tap dancer tap dance, you see their feet moving rapidly along the ground. But its just a matter of practicing and doing those main steps. The last blog I commented on was Nao’s blog the name of his favorite video was “How to Install Mine craft Forge 1.4.7 (mac)”. In this video I learn’t how to install mine craft forge and many other mods because the way you install mine craft forge is the way you install many other mods. I also learn’t what mine craft forge was used for.


Here are some differences between the tutorial I have done and my favorite tutorial.
His tutorial is a video, and mine is a slideshow
Both of our tutorials have words and they also both don’t have voice. This is rare for a video tutorial but in the video tutorial he was very far away from the camera so he couldn’t record, unless he created a separate voice track and put them both together, but that would sound off.
My tutorial was more general and less specific than the other tutorial because I did not have as much time to create it.
If you were doing my tutorial you would have to go back and forth for instructions. But if you were watching the other tutorial you could just listen and keep going with it. In the type of tutorial I was doing you could not show (picture/video)how to drag into another folder, I could only tell how to (words).
It is much easier to follow his tutorial than mine.

I have learned that in order for my tutorial to be exceptional, I will have to try not to mispronounce any words just incase the viewer can not make out what I am trying to say. I will also have to learn how to screen and audio record because I might have to be able to record my screen to make a tutorial, and if I don’t know how to then I will take a longer amount of time trying to learn that. Lastly I will have to be enthusiastic. If I am not enthusiastic about my video, then it will not seem detailed/on topic, nor will it be as exciting  to watch.

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  1. Great job Aitor! You’ve clearly learned a lot about what makes a good tutorial! You have some really important goals here for your tutorial, and you are on track to meet all of our tutorial criteria! I’m glad you have had a chance to understand what is good and what is bad about tutorial design!

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