Drama 1 Minute Speech Reflection

For the last couple of weeks in drama we have been making speeches on topics which we chose. Once finished we had to present our speech to the class. In this project we have also been learning about different modulation devices such as: Volume, projection, pitch, pace, pause, emphasis and inflection.

The modulation device that I have improved in and I think I am good at is pace. In the lower years (elementary school) whenever I did a speech I always spoke fast and unclearly with small projection. But now I have greatly improved because I have practiced a lot and tried very much. I think I might have to improve on projection. I don’t think I was loud enough for the camera and audience to hear me clearly. I think I might have to practice on speaking loudly.

Here is my video

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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