Tutorial Plan Reflection

In the past month of technology, we have been working on and completing the plan stage of making our tutorials. We have learned various different ways of planning, such as storyboards, and timelines to help make the tutorial more organized and thought out.

This is my storyboard, and outline below:


 The storyboard for my tutorial meets the criteria of strategie, in order and title. I think it reached the criteria of strategie because I explain a few tips on different ways to tuck which may help out some people if it is hard for them to do it the other way. I also give advice on helping out to do the flip because I teach them the “Front Drop Roll” which is basically a front flip but landing on your back. I reach the criteria, in order because I started from a good starting point which is just learning how to jump higher and that’s very helpful, then I gave advice and tips. It would have not been in order if I had given tips then shown how to tuck because then it wouldn’t have made sense for the audience. Lastly I reached the criteria of title because my title explains clearly what I am going to show and what you are going to use that skill in.

What makes my tutorial a fine one is that it is creative and not boring. My tutorial is creative because I film the shot and the speaking at different angles. When I am jumping I am filming at a sideways angle which is more helpful than straight on. When I am speaking I make sure it is straight up and focused on me and me speaking because if it isn’t then the audience might get distracted by the background. My tutorial is not boring because it will not have parts where there is too much preparation for a flip or just accidentally forgetting my lines and trying to remember them. I will always keep the video flowing

The picture below is my tutorial timeline plan which basically shows what I need to do to start filming. Some things I think I need to learn to make this tutorial are doing a flip without failing and talking without laughing or messing up. I think I can improve my flips by practicing my trampolining skills and going out more to jump on my trampoline. I think I can improve my speech by focusing as hard as I can and maybe reviewing my speech a few times to remember it.

Music – Importance Of Rhythm and Call and Response Song

Why is rhythm important for music?

Rhythm adds a whole new dimension to music. Instead of just different pitches and the same beats over and over, there can also be different arrangement of beets (rhythm). Rhythm creates the uniqueness of each composition and gives each piece it’s own emotion and character. Rhythm basically adds different beats in at different times like if you were to have a beat: 1 2 3 4.  Then you can change it and add eight notes or sixteenth notes or maybe even a rest. This makes the beat much more groovy and catchy. This is why rhythm is important for music.

This is my Call and Response song

Drama – My Finest Speech

For the past month in drama class we have been making two different kinds of speeches and presenting them to our class. The first speech was on our hobby or passion and it had to be more than 1 minute. The topic for our second speech was a person that influenced you, this speech had to be 1 minute and a half or more. Out of my two speeches I think the best one was the first speech because I included a joke and I included a lot of detail. I also like it because I used hand gestures and my organization was well done. On my second speech I think I projected well and I emphasized important points. I also laid out my presentation well. I think I could have improved on hand gestures because I did not move my hands much and my posture because I was a little shaky. Another students speech which I liked was George’s because he did not look keep at his palm cards and his speech was smooth. I think he could have improved a little at the end by giving thanks instead of saying “ya done”.


My given topic about an influential person

6A Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

My chosen topic about my passion/hobby

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

George’s given topic

MVI_0169 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.