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Here is the form to give me some feedback for my tutorial.

This unit in technology, we have created our tutorials. Our tutorials had to meet a set of criteria which our class made, and the criteria was basically some things the tutorials should have. We did not have to meet all of the criteria but we would have to meet most of the criteria.

A criteria I think I have met is strategy. I think I have met the criteria of strategy because I explain a few tips on different ways to tuck, which may help out some people if it is hard for them to do it the other way. I also give advice on helping out to do the flip because I teach them the “Front Drop Roll” which is basically a front flip but landing on your back. Another criteria I have met is, in order because I started from a good starting point which is just learning how to jump higher and that’s very helpful, then I gave advice and tips. It would have not been in order if I had given tips then shown how to tuck because then it wouldn’t have made sense for the audience. Lastly I reached the criteria of title because my title explains clearly what I am going to show and what you are going to use that skill in.

Some new ideas I got about tutorials that extended my thinking were from watching Ro and Aner’s tutorial. I got the idea that you don’t have to use titles because you have already explained it. Another Idea I got is that editing is sometimes good to change around your video if it is too shaky. An idea which I got by watching other tutorials is that it’s a good idea to make your tutorial fun by maybe adding a montage or showing something you can do with the skill you learned.

A thing I am still challenged by is finding the right music to go with my tutorial. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a good song that would match with my tutorial on Jamendo. all I could find were distracting songs which did not even match the topic of my tutorial. A question I have is, how many different ways of planning are there?. Over the years in YIS I have learned a few ways to plan stories and such but I would like to know how many ways there are to plan.

This unit was really interesting and making my tutorial was challenging and fun. The part I liked the most was filming because it was the part where I got to do the action. I think the planning was quite helpful because I learn’t a new method of planing and I got to think of different ways to improve my tutorial. Hopefully I will get to make more tutorials in future technology classes.






14 thoughts on “My tutorial video

  1. Hi Aitor!
    My name is Mrs. Whynot and I am a Grade 6 teacher in Fredericton, N.B. in Canada. My AWESOME Grade 6 students (6B Rocks!!) and I just read your blog and watched your video on trampoline rolls. You are so talented at trampolining! I have about 10-11 students in this class who also practice trampoline. Please visit my blog at so that you can see more about us!
    Mrs. Whynot

  2. hello Aitor!
    I watched your tutorial and its very good.
    You show the tips one by one and I love how you fade then instantly start talking also your talking is loud and clear so it is very easy to understand. For the tuck you explained how to do 2 ways Im sure there is different ways of doing it for different people. You also show the step right before the front flip for people that are having trouble so that is helpful. Very hard words well I understand them but maybe younger kids don’t. Also the length of the video is very good and never made me bored I think you chose the right length of the video. I still don’t think I can do a front-flip but of course I need practice to do a front-flip but thanks for the video.

    Henri 6c

  3. Hey Aitor,

    I think you did a excellent job of picking the subject. I like how you made it step by step and it was very detailed. However you could of spoke louder or do it on a calm day so you can’t here the rain. Once again nice job.


  4. I liked how you said the steps then demonstrated them. Also you showed that you were competent at your tutorial topic and people will learn better if you show them the right stuff. Also, your choice of words were formal and that made it interesting and cool to watch. I learned how to do a front flip and what a front roll drop is. Maybe you could improve your audio a bit more when you speak, because is was a tiny bit unclear. That will make your tutorial even better.

  5. 1: I like how it is step by step.
    2: I like it shows you what to do every step.
    3: I like how you show the whole movement at the front and last part of the video.

    1: I learnt how to front flip properly.
    2: I learnt to tuck my legs while jumping

    1: Could have put some music and credits at the last part.

  6. 1. You described each step in great detail.
    2. You showed how to do the front flip many times.
    3. I like how you showed it at the end.
    I learned to always tuck your legs
    Sometimes I couldn’t hear properly because of the wind.

  7. Hey Aitor :3

    What I liked about your tutorial is the way you look, you look serious and professional. When you spoke the vocabulary you use is strong and makes it interesting it makes it look very superior. You look very confident. Another thing I liked was how you kept using the same place to talk in and not changing places, makes it simple and nice. Lastly I liked how you said what you need to learn before doing the front flip.

    What I learned about this tutorial was that I didn’t know that you could grab your thighs when your doing the front flip. I also learned from this tutorial how to do a front drop roll.

    What I think you could improve on was doing this tutorial on a day when it’s less windy because it was sometimes hard to hear you. Your tutorial was awesome!

  8. Hi Aitor,
    I like that you do the step by step style, instead of mashing it up in one whole 2 or sentences. Your words weren’t informal at all, which is very good. Plus, I like that you show a demonstration at the beginning of the video. I learned that front drop roll is useful if I’m having trouble doing the front flip, and that you should tuck your legs. Though, I had some trouble hearing you because of the wind.

  9. I like how you didn’t use voice over. I like how you explain the steps in detail. I also like how you show were to put you’re hands. I learned that you can put you’re hands under you’re legs. Maybe next time you can choose a less windy day to film.

  10. Well done Aitor! I absolutely love your tutorial – I think you took something fun and really explained it so clearly that anyone could learn. Great question about how many ways to plan – I don’t know if there is a specific number, I think there are so many different ways to plan because there are so many different things we can do. Generally, I think lots of people use storyboarding techniques to plan a video, but there are even different types or ways of storyboarding too. The important part is actually taking the time to plan – however you end up doing it!

  11. Hi this is Iris form canadian kobe. I liked how you explained clearly step by step how to do it and how you also showed clear examples and repeated.

  12. Hi I’m Dev from Canadian Kobe and your video was really cool and I really understood what do clearly so thanks.

  13. Hi this is Riley from Canadian Academy and I really like your video. I will try out the new skill you taught me. Thanks!

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