Drama – Singing in the rain Dance Analysis


For props, Gene Kelly used an umbrella, a hat, but most importantly, rain. I think he used these all effectively and I will tell you why. His umbrella was quite an important prop because he swings and throws it around like as if he didn’t care, conveying a sense of happiness and joy. Also, the way he swings it around is like he is dancing with someone. His hat is not as important but it is also used well. In the beginning he takes it off and spreads his arms while looking up at the sky I think this shows that he is open to  rain so he really doesn’t care if he gets wet because he’s happy. The rain I think is the most important part because it made a reason for there to be those props. I also think it was important because normally when you have an umbrella you use it to keep away from the rain but when he didn’t actually use it for rain it showed that he didn’t care if he got wet and he splashed around everywhere with joy.


In some parts Gene Kelly dances with slow movements and sometimes fast movements. In the beginning the music is slow and he struts slowly, showing that the rain doesn’t bother him because he is so glad. Later on he starts moving quickly and jumps around excitedly and at the same time the music is fast and loud.


When Gene Kelly was dancing, he had a very relaxed and happy expression on his face. When he danced, you could tell he was in love. The way he showed his feelings were quite clear, especially when he took off his hat, so you could see a giant smile on his face. By the way he was smiling to the sky, you could tell he didn’t mind the pouring rain at all, and he was perfectly happy to dance in the rain.

Moving through space:

During the dance Gene Kelly uses a lot of space and levels. In one part he climbs on a street pole and he also flips his umbrella up and down fast pace. He uses big space to show that he’s so happy that he doesn’t mind looking like a maniac to the few other people that he passes on the street. A part which I think really shows shows this is when he spins around on the street with his umbrella. It’s dangerous to do so because of the fact that cars might come, but Gene Kelly uses this to show that he’s so joyful that it doesn’t matter for him.

Overall Gene Kelly’s dance style was very majestic with swift and smooth movements which express his joy and happiness.


Film shots

In English class we have started learning about moviemaking. First we discussed about how we interpret images like when you read a manga you usually look at the pictures first then the words. So you interpret it differently than from what is actually happening before you read the words. The next thing we did was a quite entertaining activity in which we had to take shots of areas or people from different angles. I grouped up with Erik, Aiden and Joseph and we were set on the task of taking pictures from different angles. What me and my group did was we made an over the shoulder shot, and a low angle shot.

This is an over the shoulder shot. It is used to show a vast area which is infront of someone or to show how dramatic something is.











This is a low angle shot. It is normally used to show how large someone is. Or to show that they have a higher authority than you.

Museum Field Trip

On the 23rd of April we went to Ueno zoo and the Tokyo National Museum by train. When we went to the museum we had to choose four different objects to write about.

An object I chose was the Terracotta Ram. The terracota Ram was excavated in Syria and made in Syria. It was made in the Iron age from around 600 – 300 B.C.E. It is made of stone and I think it was only used for decoration, maybe jewelry and trading. I think they made it because it looked like a ram and maybe there were quite a few at that time, to make it popular enough.

I think this Object is interesting because most of the other things in the museum were not animals but this one was one of the only objects which were an animal.  It is connected to our silk road unit because it was traded along the large area. 

















Another object I chose was the Pasherienptah Mummy. It was excavated in Thebes, Egypt and mummified in Thebes. It was probably made in 945 – 730. The person who was mummified was named Pasherienptah, son of Ankhut, who was in the 22nd dynasty.

I Chose this object because it was a very interesting mummy. I think this mummy is interesting because it has a small red circular red hole. I think this was because a rat must of some how  got into the body. I also think it’s interesting because the skull is still in form and visible. This is maybe connected to our silk road unit because it was a mummy made in China so China might have got the jewels which it put in the coffin of the mummy from other countries.