Technology – Investigate Mini Reflection

The Elements for a good story:

Point of View: It has to do with the meaning of the story, and who you’re telling the story to.

Dramatic Question: Some good stories have a question that has to be answered and that hook you.

Emotional Content: Includes humor, anger, stress, happiness and desire. It helps us understand what is going on in the story.

Your voice. It gives deeper meaning in the sense that you can change the mood of the story just with your voice. It is also better than just having something written there.

SoundTrack: Adds another part of meaning to the story, it should also compliment it (go well with it).

Pacing: The audience needs time to process the information, so speak at a slightly slow pace. Also, in parts which are exciting you might speed up a little.

Economy: You need balance in your story. Don’t just use words, also use pictures to help explain the words.

My presentation tool was Fotobabble. I think Fotobabble is a good tool to use for digital storytelling. It allows you to put pictures and also slide through the pictures at different times. You can also change the background of the picture to make it look nicer. Another feature that Fotobabble has, is recording audio.

English – The Count of Monte Cristo – Reading Journal (Speculation)

So far in the story of the Count of Monte Cristo the protagonist, Edmond Dantès has been sent to jail on an island. Danglars (The person who was responsible for the imprisonment of Dantès) is now Dantès’ substitute as captain on the pharaon. Villefourt the man who imprisoned Dantes has travelled to the king and told him about the news of the emperor.

For what will happen next I think something will happen to Dantès and he will have some hope of getting out. I think the possibilities could be that he is moved to another jail, someone accidently finds him: Digging and hits his wall, or someone that tries to escape and for some reason, opens his door. I think this because if something interesting in the story doesn’t happen, then it is almost pointless to read. Also, I think that Dantès must get his revenge, the only way is to escape. As for Villefourt, I think he will go back to marseille and marry his fiancée. I think this because he left his fiancée for a short time just to send a message to the king.

Français – Grammaire Supplementaire

Exercise 4:

1. Serge, qu’est-ce qu’il te faut pour l’?cole?
Il me faut un ordinateur, un poster et une pizza.

2. G?raldine et Nathalie, qu’est-ce qu’il vous faut pour les maths?
Des crayons, des gommes, deux calculatrices et des feuilles de papier.

3. Herv?, qu’est-ce qu’il te faut pour le cours d’anglais?
Il me faut un dictionnaire, des frites et un roman.

4. Alors, les gar?ons, qu’est-ce qu’il vous faut pour l’EPS?
Des baskets… c’est tout.


Exercise 5:

1. Tu aimes cette montre?
Oui mais je prefere ce bracelet.

2. Vous aimez ce jean?
Oui, mais il me faut ce tee-shirt pour l’EPS.

3. Je voudrais acheter cette ordinateur.
Moi aussi, mais il te faut cette calculatrice pour les maths.

4. Comment tu trouves ces baskets?
Super! J’aime ce short aussi.

5. Je voudrais acheter cette cassette.
Moi, je prefere acheter ce disque compact.

6. Il me faut ces feuilles de papier.
Moi aussi, il me faut cette regle aussi.


Exercise 6:

1. Sortir avec amis
Je voudrais sortir avec ces amis.

2. Regarder videocassette
Je voudrais regarder cette videocassette

3. Lire magazines
Je voudrais lire ces magazines.

4. Avoir cours
Je voudrais avoirs ces cours.

5. Acheter calculatrice
Je voudrais acheter cette calculatrice.

6. Ecouter disque compact
Je voudrais ecouter ce disque compact.


Exercise 7:

1. Des trousses marron

2. Des calculatrices blanches

3. Des stylos rouges

4. Une regle verte

5. Un sac noir

6. Des cahiers gris

7. Une gomme voilette


Exercise 8:

1. Il me faut une calculatrice grise

2. Il me faut des baskets noirs

3. Il me faut des feuilles blanches

4. Il me faut deux regles jaunes

5. Il me faut une trousse marron


Exercise 9:

1. Pour la calculatrice Murielle depencera 25,98 euros.

2. Pour les tee-shirt Murielle depencera 27,72 euros.

3. Pour les crayons Murielle depencera 5,40 euros.

4. Pour la dictionare Murielle depencera 35,76 euros.

5. Pour les baskets Murielle depencera 58,63 euros.

En total Murielle depencera 153,49 euros.


Exercise 10:

1. cette

2. grise

3. cette

4. blanche

5. des

6. violettes

7. des


Exercise 11:

1. Ces combien ces crayons noirs.

2. Ces combien cette montre violette.

3. Ces combien cette television grise

4. Ces combien ces classeurs orange

5. Ces combien ce bracelet rose


Français – Mes Fournitures Scolaires

Je voudrais acheter des fournitures scolaires à Top Office. J’ai cinquante euros.

Pour le Français, je voudrais acheter du ruban adhésive invisible, vert. C’est deux euros cinquante.

Ruban Adhésif Invisible - SCOTCH -

Pour les Maths, je voudrais acheter une calculatrice de bureau noire et blanche. C’est douze euros cinquante.

Calculatrice de bureau - TEXAS INSTRUMENT - TI-1795 SV


Pour l’école je voudrais acheter un sac à dos noir. C’est vingt-neuf euros quatre-vingt-dix-neuf.

Sac à dos - BEN - 1 compartiment

Le total c’est quarante-quatre euros quatre-vingt-dix-neuf.


English – My Book Journal


In English class we are using a program named DEAR, DEAR stands for: Drop Everything and Read. I think it supplies kids with more than  than a just-sit-there-and-read time. I guess it also teachers time to understand each students level. But what I think is the most important part is that it gives us students time to read what we want to read and share what we’ve read. After we read for 20 mins or so we write in our book journals, our book journals are our blogs and our notebooks.

Book Journal:

The name of my book is ” The Count of Monte Cristo”. The book begins with a young sailor named Edmond Dantès. He returned from a long journey aboard the pharaon, as the shipowner rushes out to greet him. The shipowner learns that the captain of the ship past away and that Dantès took on the position with some nice skill. He then rushed to meet his father and later, his beautiful fiancèe Mercedes. Unfortunately, Dantès has made 3 jealous enemys due to his luck and possibly becoming the captain. Now they are planning on destroying his future. Thats pretty much all i’ve read so far.