English – The Count of Monte Cristo – Reading Journal (Speculation)

So far in the story of the Count of Monte Cristo the protagonist, Edmond Dantès has been sent to jail on an island. Danglars (The person who was responsible for the imprisonment of Dantès) is now Dantès’ substitute as captain on the pharaon. Villefourt the man who imprisoned Dantes has travelled to the king and told him about the news of the emperor.

For what will happen next I think something will happen to Dantès and he will have some hope of getting out. I think the possibilities could be that he is moved to another jail, someone accidently finds him: Digging and hits his wall, or someone that tries to escape and for some reason, opens his door. I think this because if something interesting in the story doesn’t happen, then it is almost pointless to read. Also, I think that Dantès must get his revenge, the only way is to escape. As for Villefourt, I think he will go back to marseille and marry his fiancée. I think this because he left his fiancée for a short time just to send a message to the king.

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  1. Great start Aitor – a brief summary helps the reader and you provide some explanation for your points / ideas. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book! By the way, don’t forget capital letters for proper nouns (places such as Marseille for instance).

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