On explore la ville de Québec!

In Autumn: In Autumn I would watch a hockey game, visit the Saint-Roch Church to listen to music of all kinds, and go to parks for fresh air.
In Winter: In Winter I would Ski in one of the 4 ski resorts, ride a snowmobile on one of the mountains, and I would ice skate in the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency.

Capitale Helicotere: If I were to go to Quebec I would choose this tour. The tour is by helicopter, and you go to see many famous places in Quebec. The reason why I would choose this tour is because you get to go on a helicopter, and you get to the city from a birds eye view.

Spring: Chasse/Hunting: you can do this in the mountain area in Quebec, I chose it because I would very much like to wield a gun. Peche/Fishing: you can do this in lakes, I chose it because it is something I like to do. Cyclisme/Biking: You can do this in any tour of Quebec, it is nice because you can explore the city on bike.

Summer: Plages et Baignade/Swimming in the beach, this sport is done in beaches, I chose it because I like swimming in the ocean. Rafting/Rafting, This sport is done in small fast flowing rivers, I chose this because I have never done it before and it seems fun. Parc Aquatique/Waterparks, I chose it because it is just fun.

Autumn: Equitation/Horse riding: I would do this because I have never tried it before. Velo de montagne/Mountain biking: I chose this because it is challenging and fun, you can do this on many mountains in Quebec.

Winter: Patins sur glace/Ice skating: I chose this because in japan we normally don’t do it and there are few areas to do it, in Quebec you can do it in any ice skating rink. Motoneige/Snowmobiling: I would like to do this because I have never done it before and it seems fun, you can do it in the mountains in Quebec.

In Quebec they speak French differently, here are a few examples of some things they say differently compared to the things they say in France. In Quebec they say, Baignade, in France they say natation. Another example is that they say soccer and in France they say football.


Math – Morning double of October 15 2013

On the morning double of October 15 2013 6th and 7th grade went to the auditorium to play some awesome casino games. 8th grade were the ones hosting the games. They were either in groups of 2 or 3. Most of the games were designed to go in their favour. Chances of them losing were 15 to 30. A game which I played that gave me the most amount of tokens, was the “I forgot the name game”. It was where you had to pick a card, it doesn’t matter what type of card. Then you had to roll the dice, and if it landed on the number which your card was, you got 7 tokens. Oh ya it costs 1 token to play.

Field Studies – Opportunities and Challenges

A week ago, 7th grade went on a trip to a place in nagano, in a mountain range, named Northstar.

In field studies we did many bonding activities which helped us develop our community and listening skills. The whole point of field studies was to bond us more and also to help us solve problems and challenges. I think field studies relates to this because we have to live together in rooms with people who we might not know so well. This may create problems like, who gets what spot and at what time some people want to sleep and at what time other want to sleep. In field studies, we were gonna have to stick with each other for 5 days straight so it was best to just resolve the issues and move on. I think most groups succeeded in doing that.

This was one of the activities which we did. The activity was soba making, in the activity there were many steps and it was a difficult process.



















Français – Mise en Train Chapitre 4

Exercise 1:

1. She also sends a video, brochure and photos.
2. she likes Skating, horse riding and mountain biking.
3. She would like to know how the weather is like, what sport she plays, and what kind of music she likes.
4. She says that it’s a good place for sports.
5. I have learned that she is a person that likes playing sports and is an outgoing person.

Exercise 2:

1. “J’adore faire du sport.” I think Emilie would say this statement.
2. “Le ski? Ici on n’aime pas beaucoup ?a” I don’t think Emilie would say this because she likes winter sports.
3. “Pour moi, Qu?bec, c?est barbant en hiver.” I don’t think Emilie would say this because she loves living in Quebec.
4. ” Faire des films avec un cam?scope, pour moi, c?est passionnant.” I think Emilie would say this because she loves filming and photography.
5. “Je regarde la t?l? en hiver quand il fait trop froid.” I think this is something that she would say.
6. “La musique? Bof! Je n?aime pas beaucoup ?a.” I don’t think she would say this because she likes rock music.

Exercise 3:

1. Emilie exclaimed “Salut!” to greet Leticia.
2. Emilie said “Comment ?a va?” to ask how Leticia was doing.
3. To ask about the weather, Emilie said “Quel temps est-ce qui’il fait?”
4. To tell about what she likes, she said “J’aime…”
5. To express her opinion about something, Emilie said “C’est super”
6. To inquire about California Emilie said ” Et la Californie, c’east comment?”
7. To say goodbye, Emilie said “A tres bientot”

Exercise 4:

1. Au printemps, Emilie fait du
2. En hiver, elle fait du patin.
3. En automne, elle fait de l’equitation.
4. En ete, elle fait du velo.

Exercise 5:

1. Moi aussi.
2. Moi aussi.
3. Moi, non.
4. Moi, non.
5. Moi, non.
6. Moi non.