Français – Mise en Train Chapitre 4

Exercise 1:

1. She also sends a video, brochure and photos.
2. she likes Skating, horse riding and mountain biking.
3. She would like to know how the weather is like, what sport she plays, and what kind of music she likes.
4. She says that it’s a good place for sports.
5. I have learned that she is a person that likes playing sports and is an outgoing person.

Exercise 2:

1. “J’adore faire du sport.” I think Emilie would say this statement.
2. “Le ski? Ici on n’aime pas beaucoup ?a” I don’t think Emilie would say this because she likes winter sports.
3. “Pour moi, Qu?bec, c?est barbant en hiver.” I don’t think Emilie would say this because she loves living in Quebec.
4. ” Faire des films avec un cam?scope, pour moi, c?est passionnant.” I think Emilie would say this because she loves filming and photography.
5. “Je regarde la t?l? en hiver quand il fait trop froid.” I think this is something that she would say.
6. “La musique? Bof! Je n?aime pas beaucoup ?a.” I don’t think she would say this because she likes rock music.

Exercise 3:

1. Emilie exclaimed “Salut!” to greet Leticia.
2. Emilie said “Comment ?a va?” to ask how Leticia was doing.
3. To ask about the weather, Emilie said “Quel temps est-ce qui’il fait?”
4. To tell about what she likes, she said “J’aime…”
5. To express her opinion about something, Emilie said “C’est super”
6. To inquire about California Emilie said ” Et la Californie, c’east comment?”
7. To say goodbye, Emilie said “A tres bientot”

Exercise 4:

1. Au printemps, Emilie fait du
2. En hiver, elle fait du patin.
3. En automne, elle fait de l’equitation.
4. En ete, elle fait du velo.

Exercise 5:

1. Moi aussi.
2. Moi aussi.
3. Moi, non.
4. Moi, non.
5. Moi, non.
6. Moi non.

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