Technology – Criteria E Reflection of the Digital Story

Last Friday in Technology class, we finished our Digital Stories. Right before beginning to create our digital stories, we created 4 essential and 4 desirable specifications. 8 things that we had to, and wanted, to include in our digital stories.

Essential specifications: Number 1: My first essential specification was for the story to have an introduction, a hook, and a resolution. My story had an introduction, and a resolution, but it didn’t have… a HOOK! I think this was one of the most important things to have because it keeps the audiences attention.
Number 2: My other essential was, for the story to be within 2:30 to 6 mins. My story was 3:14. I guess it’s self explanatory.
Number 3: It had to be school appropriate. My story was about being late for a meeting, searching for the people, and finding them. It had no swears, and was not in any inappropriate place, just a beach, in the morning, when there was nobody.
Number 4: My last essential spec was that it had to be slightly interesting and /or entertaining. I guess some parts were interesting, and some parts were entertaining. But I think that some of my story was quite confusing and possibly boring.

Desirable specifications: Number 1: I wanted it to be humorous. I think my Digital Story was quite humorous in SOME parts, but mostly it was just explaining what happened, and some filming was done. I don’t think I completed this desirable spec.
Number 2: I would like my Digital Story to have a hook. As I said before, it didn’t have a hook.
Number 3: I would like to have fun, and be creative with my story. I guess I did have fun with my story because I tried new things and effects in Imovie. I also had fun filming with such randomness. I was two characters at the same time.
Number 4: For my last desirable spec, I wanted to finish my story on the weekend or a few days before it was due. I guess I didn’t COMPLETELY finish my story before class, in class I had to add the last finalising touches.

The first part of the design cycle was the investigate. In the investigate, we brainstormed ways of sharing our stories, what digital stories are, and analysed key features. In the part where we had to talk about the climax, and how the story progressed. I did put a lot of detail, but my line ( line which showed climax) did not go well with what I said.

The next part of the design cycle was the design. In the design we brainstormed some topics and wrote a simple, yet slightly detailed basic plan which our story would be like. We also were assigned to research about a tool which someone could use to present their story, the one I was assigned to was Fotobabble. After researching, we had to present about what we had learned about that tool.

The next part of the design cycle was the plan. For some reason, I really didn’t like it. Anyways, in the plan, we had to make a timeline, and a storyboard. The timeline was basically when we would film, gather materials, and record. The storyboard was just drawing our story with detail.

And now for the… CREATE!
The first part of the create was: “Pair Feedback”. To make the Essential and Desirable specifications. I I don’t think I did too well on this one because I didn’t explain in depth for if it was measurable and attainable. 
I think I did ok in the pair feedback because I gave some detail about what they could do better, but I don’t think I made my advice constructive enough. For example, let’s say that they ended their story with a sudden bang. Like “We then found the boat and swam to it, the end”. My feedback for this would be “I think that you ended the story too quickly, you could possibly add a small bit to the end, maybe describing how you got there. Or you could just say what you did afterwards.

The second part of the create was to make a mini-reflection on changes we made to our story, and talking about them in excellent detail. 

My mini-reflection didn’t make much sense, because all I wrote about were changes and reasons, so there wasn’t much of a story to reflect on there. I don’t think I did very well with explaining the reasons, and the reasons for my changes. I think I could improve there by explaining how I changed those bits and what I added.

The third part of the create was basically to finish the story. I did finish it by the end of class.

The unit question is: “How can we use media to communicate our stories?”

There are many ways of using media to communicate our stories to the world. Social networking sites, video sharing sites, and music sharing sites. But they all come together as one, which is also known as, media. Media, comes from the Latin plural of medium, and a medium is a way of doing something. So we can conclude that, media are mediums / ways of sharing our stories.


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