Drama Speech

7A Drama: Informative Speech13 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This is the informative speech I did in Drama class. I’m going to be reflecting on the modulation, and physicality of my presentation.

1. Modulation: To vary the strength, tone, or pitch of (one’s voice).

In my speech, I wasn’t very monotone. I think I did well in having a fairly varied voice, although my speech had a topic that some people may not be interested in, I tried to keep it as interesting as I could.

My volume and projection was good also, I spoke loud, and projected my voice well, and I think everyone could hear well. Some other presenters didn’t project their voice well, so I couldn’t hear very well, that’s why I tried to make sure that I was loud so that people could comfortably hear me.

In some parts, my pace was fairly slow, and towards the end was a little bit faster. I think this was because I was eager to get finished with my presentation. When I started speaking about the possible diseases and problems physical and mental exhaustion can have on your health, I spoke a little faster, and then right when I said “very, very bad” I slowed down with a dramatic pause.

I emphasised parts such as “If you do want to increase your productivity!…” or “Although these may seem like things you’re never ever gonna get!…” these parts were emphasised because I wanted my audience to remember the things that came after them. If I were to emphasise the points that I wanted them to remember, I would be shouting all the time. As for inflection, I didn’t ask any questions, so I didn’t use much. Although, in the parts that I emphasised, I inflected.

2. Physicality: The use of posture, gesture, and facial expression.

For my posture, I think I did well in keeping it, although I sometimes swayed a little bit, I stayed up, and faced the audience as much as a could. Last year, when we did the speeches, I swayed much more, and I actually took a few steps, because I was a little nervous and my legs were shaking, so I had to move around a little.

As for my gestures, I guess I had a little too many, I nodded my head in some parts, and I moved my hand in certain ways when I was trying to emphasise a point. I guess I had a little too many head gestures, and I sometimes even nodded when I was making a small mistake and was correcting it.

For facial expression, I didn’t actually make any noticeable facial expressions that helped my presentation to convey it’s point.

As for the palm cards, I don’t think I handled that well. I looked at my palm cards for at least 65% of my presentation, this may have made my presentation possibly more boring because I didn’t focus on the audience more, and maybe  made it look like I wasn’t a good presenter. I think I can improve this by practicing more, and trying to remember my script.

7A Drama: Informative Speech16 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another speech which was captivating was Grace’s. Now here, I’m going to talk about the content, because she has some real gold right there.

Youngsters, (teens and children) who care more about fashion, care less about their studies, and when it comes to using time on their academic career, they seem to be less concerned. This attitude and the role of fashion Magazines is harming the basics of the student community and they start feeling that their life would reach a high point if they involve themselves in the fashion activities.