Fair game: Grade 7 Technology

Before we created our theme parks, we made specifications as to how we would like them to be. These are the musts, and must nots my group made.

Theme: Welcome to the Zoo
Essential: We need some type of petting zoo.
Must not: Include any other themes.
I think my part of the theme park achieved this very well, because it didn’t really give a hint of any other themes, and it actually highlighted a bright part of our theme. Using red stone, I made it look like a carnaval. Although I couldn’t include a petting zoo into my attraction, since I was the leader, I chose for one of the members to make a petting zoo.

General: Aesthetically pleasing
Essential: Wood material for buildings
Must not: Displease the audience
I’d say that my attraction covered these two pretty well, because many people who saw it told me that it looked great with the wooden fences on the outer edges. 

Function: The way the park works
Essential: Must use some sort of power (redstone)
Must not: Have animal abuse
I’d say I covered the essential pretty well because i used lots of red stone to make wonderful lightings. However on the animal abuse part, two of us failed. Kaori and I, had made two harmful attractions to animals. One was a shooting range, the other was parkour from great heights. So technically we’re killing animals for fun. 

Quality: Fun stuff
Essential: Has to be fun
Must not: Include destructive mobs
I think I didn’t do very well in the fun bit, although the parkour is interesting and all, it’s still extremely impossibly difficult to complete. On the good side, at least we didn’t include any destructive hostile mobs.

Aesthetics: Decoration
Essential: Must look pretty
Must not: Look grotesque
For the “Must look pretty” bit, I think my attraction did pretty well, and it didn’t look grotesque, except for the outer parkour area.

Although I don’t have proof, I did interview a few people on how they thought our park was. The people I interviewed were Deven, Freddie, and Henri.

Freddie said that he thought two of the attractions weren’t very aiding to the overall experience he had in the park. The Safari, and Petting zoo weren’t very eventful and were fairly boring. However, he said that the shooting range was a challenge, and pretty fun. But the Horse parkour was the one he despised the most. He hated how extremely frustrating it was, and that even the easy path was still difficult. He had a bad time at my attraction.

Deven agreed with freddie and said that the safari and petting zoo weren’t adding much to their fun, but the shooting range was fun. However Deven actually liked the challenge brought up to him by the horse parkour, although he did get frustrated with it after a while, he liked how challenging it was.

Henri however thought that the safari and petting zoo made the park look better, although they didn’t have a use, they made it look more aesthetically pleasing. He thought the same as Freddie and Deven on the shooting range, and the same as freddie on the horse parkour.

I think we could have chosen two of our attractions more wisely. A safari, and a petting zoo in minecraft won’t do much at all, however those in real life would be a great experience. I think we could have created two more fun, and interesting attractions.

Design Cycle:

Investigate: In the investigate part of the Design Cycle, I think my group and I did really well in coming up with ideas based on the questions. We wrote in lots of detail and we were really enthusiastic. I think we could have improved on coming up with better ideas for our attractions, although we did think of many, a lot of them were boring and dull.

Design: For the designs (design drawings)I think I labeled my drawing very well, but the drawing in itself didn’t have much detail. It included the materials and such, but it didn’t have some of the red stone flooring details. I think I could have planned out a better drawing in my head. I should try that next time I have to do something like this.

Plan: In the plan I think I did some of my explaining great, except lots of the details were left out. You wouldn’t be able to build my building from scratch, without me helping, because some of the details aren’t there. Also, there was one enormous problem that I had with my plan: the pigs didn’t actually move at your command; the carrot rods were useless so I had to switch to horses. That’s one big problem I had with my plan, I didn’t know 100% if that certain thing would work. I think that next time I do something like this, I should make sure it functions well.

Create: Now for the final part of the Design Cycle, I think I did this fairly well. The attraction I created took a long time to finish, but I think it was worth while cause it looks pretty awesome. the moving checkered lighting pattern on the floor made it look even cooler. I overall like my attraction, although it is pretty frustrating, it’s still a fun challenge.


In conclusion, I think this unit was pretty fun, and eventful, because I loved working with my group. Although the group I had didn’t have the “perfect qualities” I still think we worked pretty well together. We all collaborated and cooperated fairly the same amount in all the activities. In my leading role, I think I did pretty ok because there was a member who didn’t work much, and I managed to get her to make the drawing design, and she made the best one out of all of ours. Next time I wouldn’t pick another role because I think the leader role fits me well enough. (I’m very sorry for the reading load Ms. Rude)


Japanese Music Composition

In this short music piece that Sho and I have created, we only used two japanese techniques which were Shan, and kororin. The scale we used was the pentatonic scale named In-sen with a B flat instead of an A flat.

What makes music sound like it belongs to a particular part of the world?

It’s not only the music in itself that makes itself sound like it belongs to a part of the world, but it’s also in the instruments. You’re not going to hear country music played by the Koto. Nor are you going to hear Japanese music played by a Banjo. Apart from the instruments, the scale also effects how it sounds. Pentatonic scales are used in Japanese music, and the blues scale is used in blues music around America. So the music, and instruments make it sound very much like that music is from a certain country.

So it’s not only the music in itself that makes it sound like it’s from a certain country, but also the instruments and scales.

20 Pieces of Data: How Many Hours a Day Do You Spend Using Electronic Devises?

In math class, we’re collecting 20 random pieces of data, and calculating the mean, median, mode, and range.

Here’s the Data I collected of how many hours a day people use electronic devises:
7, 8, 4, 5, 14, 13, 5, 6, 7, 8, 4, 6, 7, 5, 8, 3, 4, 9, 5, 4, 5
I got this data by asking my classmates, then surfing the web for the rest of the results.

The range is 11
I worked this one out by subtracting the largest number, by the smallest (14 – 3)

The mean is 6.85
I worked this one out by finding the sum of all the values, and dividing it by 20 (amount of values). (7 + 8 + 4 + 5 + 14 + 13 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 4 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 8 + 3 + 4 + 9 + 5 + 4 + 5 = 127 127 ÷ 20 = 6.85)

The median is 5.5
I worked this one out by ordering all the values up, and choosing the one in the middle. The problem was that the amount of values was even, so there were two so I had to find what number was exactly in between the two. The two numbers were 5, and 6, so the answer was 5.5.

The mode is 5
The most abundant value was 5.

This means that technology is becoming a larger part of our everyday lives. At the same time, we’re sitting more, and there’s a direct correlation between mortality, and increased sitting time, so technology is technically killing us very slowly, and lowering our life spans. The people who use technology for more than 6, or 7 hours a day, will live less time than people who use it for less, and stand up more. The scary part about this, is that it’s regardless of your physical activity.

Two outliers that I had, were 13, and 14 hours, but they only affected the mean results by 1.35 hours, nothing crazy.

Drama – Shortened Stories

The Wise King of Leon

There was a very rich nobleman who had three sons, he gave the eldest son his page, the second his butler, and the youngest his barber.

The barber fell in love with the king’s only daughter, who was just as  fond of him; and when the king heard of this, he decided on putting a stop to it, so he called for the princess, and said: “I know that you are in love with my barber, and if you insist on marrying him I will have you killed.”The princess, on hearing her father say this, became very sad, and asked him to allow her one day for consideration, to which the king acceded.

She then went to her room, and getting together some of her finest dresses, she made them up into a bundle, and left the palace by a secret door.

For 7 days and nights, the princess walked through the forest, living off of wild berries, and water kept in the flowers. She stopped by to rest in the trunk of a tree.The king sent the barber to look for her, and told him that if he didn’t find the princess within a year, he would have the barber killed.

The princess had not been resting for long, when the barber approached sighing and saying to himself ” Woe is me, for I shall never find the princess! There are so many lovely damsels in Castille, and yet I must fall in love with the king’s only daughter.”The princess heard and replied “Woe is the king’s daughter! There are so many gallants in Spain, and yet she must fall in love with her father’s barber!” The barber searched from where the voice came, but couldn’t find it, and he laid on the oak tree in which the princess was hidden. The princess then swapped clothes with the barber, and rode back to the kingdom of Leon.

She went up to the king, and asked him if she could be the barber, the king, unnoticing accepted this proposal. When the REAL barber woke, he noticed his clothes, and horse were gone, so he put on the princess’s dress. According to the fashion of the day, he made a pretty woman.

When he reached to the kingdom of Leon, he was accepted as a daughter of the neighbouring king of Castille.

The King of Leon was so charmed with the beauty of the new arrival that he could not sleep, and so he sent for the barber, to whom he confided his love. The real princess was much astonished to hear that her lover was in the palace, for she guessed it was he in female clothes; but she kept quiet until her lover was asleep in bed, and then she stole into his room, put back his clothes, and took her own away.

The king got up earlier than usual, for he was so anxious to see the new arrival; but before doing so he sent for the barber to shave him.They looked everywhere for him, but without success; and at last, in despair, they went to the bedroom of the new arrival, and, knocking at the door, intimated the king’s command that she should present herself.The princess was ready; and, slipping past the courtiers, presented herself before the king. “Who are you?” inquired the king.“I am the daughter of the King of Castille, as I informed your mercy yesterday,” answered the princess.“But where, then, is my barber?” rejoined the king.“What does one king’s daughter know about another king’s barber?” said the princess.At this moment the real barber presented himself, and humbly begged the king’s pardon for having deceived him.“But who are you?” roared the king. “Are you a barber or a thief?”“I am the youngest son of a marquess,” answered the youth, “a barber by trade, and affianced to the daughter of the King of Castille.”Then the princess stepped forward and explained everything to the king, who was so interested with what he heard, that the princess and the barber had to tell the tale over and over again to him. Then he said—“I have been shaved by the King of Castille’s daughter, and I have courted his barber. I will not be again deceived. They shall now be man and wife for ever.”This was the wise King of Leon.