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This article is about how banana peels can help clear heavy metals from polluted water. The way science is being used in this article, is they found out that in the banana peel there are compounds like carboxylic acids, and these acids bind to many metals that they come into contact with. Bonding is when two substances are chemically bonded. When carboxylic acids bond with reactive metals, they create harmless salts and hydrogen.

Economically, this discovery can save lots of money because current water purifiers are expensive, and need to be replaced persistently. But banana peels only have to be replaced after eleven uses instead of a one time use, then replace filter.
The only main fault of the banana peels is that they don’t kill bacteria, so after the main metal filtration there has to be a bacterial filtration method discovered or invented.

Article: Dolasia, Meera. “Banana Peels – The New Water Purifier?” DOGOnews. Dogo, 27 Nov. 2011. Web. 22 Sept. 2014. <>.

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  1. Very clear implications, and clear explanation of the science behind the article! I can only tell two new vocabulary words that you have defined and used, but you have used them correctly.

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