Chad and Sweden Developmental Differences

In humanities class we have been using Gapminder to find out the differences between two countries. I chose the two factors: “Children per woman (total fertility)”, and “Mean years in school (women of reproductive age 15 to 44)”. On the graph it shows that these two are interrelated, the trend is that the more educated females tend to mate less, compared to the less educated.

Sweden’s statistics were 1.9 children per woman, and the mean years in school per woman is 13.
Chad’s statistics were 6.7 children per woman, and the mean years in school per woman is 1.5.

The trend is very visible here.

Responding to “Warp, The Reluctant Assassin” by Eoin Colfer

The story is about a “wanna be FBI agent” Chevie who watched over a time pod in the center of london. Unfortunately something occured and the time pod sprang into life bringing two people; one alive and one dead. But with these people, a grave threat also sparked in the past.

A central theme of this story is: escaping death. The main symbol for this is that there is a mad murdering magician who is on Chevie’s tail, and he manages to catch up to her, even through time. This is like escaping death, as death no matter what will catch up to you, like this psychopathic magician. Another symbol is basically time travel, for similar reasons to the other symbol, even through time travel you can’t change yourself and so you will die no matter what.

Although I have only read halfway through the book, it is very interesting already and has quite an amount of tense. The author really brought me into the story by making the setting quite awry; Part of the book is set in Victorian London, and the other is set in present London. But the way he describes the slums is quite, vivid.

“Unpretentious Librarian: Using ThingLink With W.A.R.P. : The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer.” Unpretentious Librarian: Using ThingLink With W.A.R.P. : The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2014. <>.

8th Grade Field Studies

Grade 8 field studies was gr8, and the r8 at which it past was very fast. The bus rides are always fun, and they finish in a jiffy. The evening after was filled with such laughter, and we played some games that were just not tame.

On the second day we did canyoning and rafting, which included some drafting. I got a few friends and blew out some trends. Screaming, Scheming and from time to time redeeming.

The rest of the days were the best of the phase, where we got 4 main activitays (activities in a british accent). Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Geocaching, and canoeing. All fun, but all under bad weather, by the time we were done we were stuck to, a tether.

We presented our skits, and returned to the wits, and had our final dinner, and remember that there really wasn’t a winner.

Français: Chapitre 8 Mise en train

Activité 1:

1) It is in the morning (around 10h – 11h).
2) She wants Djeneba to go to the market, and to buy some food.
3) She buys some onions, tomatos, tomato sauce, and a fish.
4) Someone rang their bell.
5) She forgot to tell her mom that she has invited her teacher.

Activité 2:

1) Faux
2) Vrai
3) Faux
4) Faux
5) Faux

Activité 3:

1) b
2) d
3) e
4) a
5) c

Activité 4:

1) Animata
2) Djeneba
3) Djeneba
4) Djeneba
5) Mme Diomandé

Activité 5:

1) Encore du pain?
2) Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.
3) Tu me fais le marché?
4) Il me faut…
5) Volontiers!

Activité 6:

Ma mère et mon père font les courses.
Nous faisons les courses à la coop.