Preparing for Life on Mars


This article writes about how there is a small team of 6 members who are undergoing an experiment on how travelling to, and living on mars would be. This is so NASA understands how people would react to living in a small group isolated from the rest of the world, for such a long time.

The way they are using science here, is that they are recreating the exact living qualities of how it would be on a spaceship, and on mars. They take precautions like the aesthetics, communication time lag and their daily routines. Their daily routines include exercise, meals + hygiene, and running experiments on growing food and making compost inside the dome, and excursions.

The science in this experiment will gravely affect on who will be chosen for the mission, and how to minimise their social disputes; and, in turn help the mission to mars flow much more smoothly. It may also help NASA economically as they may not need to use as much funds tweaking things for the comfort of the members of the mission.

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  1. You have explained the article well, and have a complete citation. I think the factors you are focusing on are ‘social’ and ‘economic.’ Will a mission to Mars with people help or hurt humanity/the planet?

    You have used vocabulary clearly and precisely, but I do not know which is your new vocabulary.

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