Comparing Books and Films: The Outsiders

In our most recent unit: “Prejudice and Perspective” we’ve been questioning the legitimacy of some types narrators, in which I think we learned a variety of aspects on perspectives. After this we began reading The Outsiders and eventually watched the film.

In my opinion the film made a great effort in the adaptation of the book to movie even with the limited budget and time limit. However there are many things to be improved, but I will only focus on the character development. Now I do not wish to censure the film I am only pointing out the very noticeable ‘mistakes’ in the film.

With the exception of Ponyboy the film generally fails to represent most of the book’s characters; Darry and Sodapop are somewhat minor characters, the movie only gives a glimpse into their lives and thoughts. This is likewise for the rest of the gang. Even Dally!  Dally’s death loses so much impact because the viewers really aren’t able to get to know him well enough. Only the reader had the knowledge that Dally’s gun isn’t loaded, and without that the symbolic death of Dally is gone.

Johnny’s also weaker in the movie than in the book. Viewers don’t see how his character grows, because they don’t know Johnny enough. Johnny’s appreciation for life at the end of his, is almost not noted but it has great impact on Pony in the novel.

In the end it is the character portrayal that has been a large problem throughout the film and made the atmosphere of the movie slightly different. If they were to film a remake of this movie it should be longer with more dialogue and thoughts from the characters.

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  1. I think your blog post is very detailed and interesting, but maybe adding a picture or some sort of visual would’ve been great. Otherwise good job

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