My First Week of Highschool

A high point of this first week was knowing that I would be able to perform very soon. I always look forward to performing; there is so much involved in it that it makes me completely forget about the stress of the homework I had at the time. It also gives me a good opportunity to suppress my feelings of stage fright, which also helps for when I do presentations and such.

A low point was knowing how difficult it would be to handle all of the homework that is soon to come up. Of course I have my own methods to “deal” with the loads of work hours that are put into all of these assessments, but it is still able to take its toll on any given person whom has dealt with it.

Chapitre 11 – Mise En Tren

Activité 1:
1. It is summer as they are talking about what they are going to do for summer break.
2. Ahmed is planning on going camping, and then working at the gas station. Magali is planning on going to a summer camp and then visiting her relatives.
3. Ahmed is going to work during the vacation because he needs some money to buy a scooter.
4. Florent is going to go to a language learning camp.

Activité 2:
Ahmed a l’intention d’aller dans les Alpes.
Ahmed a l’intention de travailler en Arles.
Florent a l’intention de rester en Arles.
Magali a l’intention de partir en colonie de vacances.
Magali a l’intention de voir ses cousins.
Ahmed a l’intention d’aller a la montagne.
Ahmed a l’intention de faire du camping.

Activité 3:
1. Faux
2. Vrai
3. Vrai
4. Faux
5. Faux
6. Faux

Activité 4:
1. Qu’est-ce que vous allez faire…?
2. C’est super joli…
3. C’est génial!
4. Je n’ai pas encore décidé
5. Pourquoi est-ce que tu ne… pas?
6. Je préfère…

Activité 5:
Je préferè aller au Espagne pour jouer à la plage. En Noja il fait beau beaucoup de temps, donc je peux aller à la plage toujours. Et j’aime aussi visiter a mes amis en Espagne pour aller au cinema et faire des promenades.