Nature VS Nurture

I think that our genes determine just as much about ourselves as our environment. Recently in developing countries there has been a rise of obesity, even up to 35% of Kuwait’s population is obese[1]. The possible causes for this were because of how more high fat and sugar products are being imported, as well as less exercise was being done because of the different jobs that become available. This is nurture. However nature plays a big part in this as well. Humans in poor countries originally adapted to conserve as many calories in there bodies as possible. However now that they are able to consume many more calories because of development, they store way too many fats and there original adaptations became their fall.

[1] Hoffman, Daniel J. “Obesity in Developing Countries: Causes and Implications.” Food, Nutrition and Agriculture. Agriculture and Consumer Protection, n.d. Web. 23 Nov. 2015.

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