InS – Motivation to Help

What is the difference between altruism and prosocial behaviour?

Altruism is a type of prosocial behaviour in which one makes decisions based on the wellbeing of the other person and not for any personal gain at all. Prosocial behaviour is the general includes egoistic motivation and altruistic motivation.

Why do people help people?

There are many reasons that include gaining favour from someone, raising their social status, receiving some sort of reward, and having their own self-esteem rise.

Individually think of a situation in which you helped others, and analyse the reason/motivation for why you did it.

I normally help people almost every night whether it be by communicating through social media or explaining concepts to them. The real reason behind why I do it, is because whenever I ask for help I feel guilty for using other people’s time. However by helping others I can feel like I’m doing the right thing and basically paying back the time I used in the first place (even though I rarely ever ask anyone for help). Another reason is because I have absolutely nothing else to do with so much free time on my hands.

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