Twins Separated at Birth

Summarising, the video that we watched in class; there was an underground experiment where twins were separated after birth and they met up after 35 years. They have peculiar similarities. The experiment supports the concept of nature affecting human behaviour more than nurture.

What unethical decision was responsible for the situation described in this video?

It was unethical to secretly conduct the experiment while the subjects didn’t even know that they were lab rats for 35 years.

Can you think of situation when it might be justified to be unethical in the pursuit of scientific knowledge of genetics or evolution?

We use animals to conduct experiments, and there is always the possibility that they are harmed or die. However the knowledge that we accumulate can help humans develop things to save lives. This justifies the unethical act.

What is the most powerful evidence in this video that nature is more influential than nurture in explaining, predicting, or understanding human behavior?

The twins didn’t know that they had a dopple ganger and they met after 35 years. They certainly had different experiences over all, but they still shared similarities including the German movie they like. The environments they grew in weren’t similar at all but the natural part of them created these similarities they share. It shows that nature can be just as influential as nurture when it comes to identity.

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