Chapitre 8 (Le Petit Nicolas)

1. Parce que les élèves sont vilaines.

2. Ils agiterent les mouchoirs et crier youp-la.

3. Son père n’a pas voulu acheter une télé.

4. Le rôle de cow-boy

5. Il a cherché ses frères.

6. Il ne veut pas la queue.

7. 4 (quatre) élèves

8. Il a enlevé ses lunettes.

9. Non

10. Il y a le Marquis de Carabas et un ogre qui veut manger les frères de Petit Poucets.

Christopher Colombus

Has your perspective of Columbus changed?
Yes my perspective of Columbus has changed because beforehand I didn’t know that inspired the killing of that many native americans, I also didn’t know what he encouraged huge amounts of human trafficking.

Of native americans?
The only thing that I see differently of the native americans is that I did not know of their tribal wars, nor of their tribes in the first place. I now feel sympathy towards them and what they had to go through.

How can you read history and be aware of biases?
The way we can be aware of biases is by looking in depth at the things that are stated and also see what the historian is focusing on. In the reading that I looked at, I could see that the historian was focusing on the trade between the two parts of the world rather than what the natives had to go through.

If you were to write about columbus, what themes would you focus on, knowing that you cannot write everything about everything?
I would research about what the laws were back then about slavery and how bad he really was not only in our eyes but in the eyes of the world back then. I would also research about what other things he did to the natives and if he really did commit those crimes.

What themes did your readings choose?
The themes that my reading chose were that of trade, and a little bit of colonialism.