GCD – Fit for Life Reflection No.1 (First Draft)

(2) Healthy Habits: Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of nutrition, body mechanics and sleep requirements.

Something I have learned this year in my daily life is that finding the right sleep schedule can really help me during school days. With more sleep I have noticed that I am far more able to communicate my thoughts efficiently; I have more energy, and I am far more apt to deal with challenges. My social and academic life are heavily affected by the quality of sleep I get, one example is cheering people up after they go through something difficult, or helping people with their work. In my grade I am known as the person that you go to when you need help with an assignment, and I have a very high rate of positive responses from those that I have helped. However whenever I don’t get enough sleep I either am far too tired or frustrated to help people, or my aid is of low quality and I end up hurting people in one way or another because of how I act when I’m groggy. Also when it comes time for me to cheer someone up, if I am tired then I go through the thought process of “this is not affecting me; what do I care?”, and so I inevitably leave whoever is in peril to handle their own problems.

Through these examples my

(3) Habits of Mind: Students reflect on the development of habits that promote balance, resiliency, mindfulness and stress management.