Freedom of Expression and the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

In my opinion “Unmournable Bodies” by Teju Cole concerning the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks, undermines the victims’ deaths by pointing out their caricatures, and takes the concept of free speech turning it into a politically correct haven where none may be offended (this borders fascism due to censoring of subject matter). This is shown through his disapproval of their “bullying racist agenda”, ironically however, he inadvertently puts Charlie Hebdo in a bright light.

Charlie Hebdo had been using free speech to mock everyone and was not inciting violence. Even when Cole mentions the hijab ban his points are weak as France has always had “La laîcite”: these are policies stripping away religious involvement with government affairs. Concealment of the face is prohibited, religions have no power there.

Cole explains all of the caricatures made by them, covering all races, and mocking political parties. In his portrayal of them as a provoking entity, he is ironically showing the true greatness and fairness of utilised free speech by Charlie Hebdo. If they discriminate everyone, then they are discriminating no one. They are not racist as they are not treating one race different from another, they are simply mocking everything.