Drama 1 Minute Speech Reflection

For the last couple of weeks in drama we have been making speeches on topics which we chose. Once finished we had to present our speech to the class. In this project we have also been learning about different modulation devices such as: Volume, projection, pitch, pace, pause, emphasis and inflection.

The modulation device that I have improved in and I think I am good at is pace. In the lower years (elementary school) whenever I did a speech I always spoke fast and unclearly with small projection. But now I have greatly improved because I have practiced a lot and tried very much. I think I might have to improve on projection. I don’t think I was loud enough for the camera and audience to hear me clearly. I think I might have to practice on speaking loudly.

Here is my video

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Drama – Tournament Reflection

In drama this semester we have been working in a unit about improvisation. Improvisation is when a scene has not been rehearsed or has not been prewritten so the actors have to create their own scene on the stage. In improvisation there are many different factors and I will talk about them. In improvisation you have to offer an idea for the next bit of the scene and you have to accept others offers for a new bit of a scene. If you don’t accept an idea then the scene will stop and then the scene can’t keep going unless someone makes an offer related to the topic. Another factor of improvisation is thinking on the spot this is when you have to make up your lines instantly and think of how your gonna keep the story fun and exciting at the same time as making sure it does not go off topic. The last factor is naming the scene, naming the scene is very important because if you come in without naming what you are doing everyone else in the scene will stop and look at you while trying to figure out what you are doing. Which basically means you will stop the scene from moving on.

The way I used offer and acceptance in improvisation was calling out something like this “Cut cut start over that was the worst take ever guys one more time”. That is offering an idea and it is also showing them that I am the director of the movie that is being filmed and that they are the actors. A way I have accepted was, when somebody screamed “There’s an alien over there!!!!” or something like that then I would accept the offer and maybe also scream. Well I think a way I could improve my Double Figures Performance is by maybe imagining I am that person, and moving my hands around a bit more. The reason is because when he was hypnotizing I was just moving my hands in a mysterious way which did not look as if I was hypnotizing. The way to make it look more like that is by maybe waving my hands a bit more and looking mysterious. I think a skill I could use in performance is thinking on the spot because if I were to forget my lines then I could just think of something that I would’ve said normally and say that so it would be close to what I was actually supposed to say but with the same idea. I could also maybe take the hand gestures that I have practiced with the Double Figures Performance.

Out of 10 for criterion C I think I got a 7 because I did well in the space jump (or at least I think I did), but in the Double Figures Performance I did not make the hand gestures close enough to the text of speech which I think lowers my grade by allot.

This is the Space Jump Performance

This is the Double Figures Performance.