Mise en Train, Chapitre 1

Tu as Compris?

1 What are these teenagers talking about?

2 What information do they give you in the first few lines of their introductions?

3 What are some of the things they like?

4 Which of them have interests in common?

1 These teenagers are talking about who they are where they live and what they like.

2 They talk about their age name and where they live.

3 They like sport, television and dancing.

4 Ahmed and Djeneba both like sports.  Stephane and Clair like dancing.

Vrai ou faux?

1 André aime parler au téléphone.

2 Ahmed n’aime pas le sport.

3 Stéphane aime écouter de la musique.

4 Claire aime voyager et danser.

5 Didier n’aime pas voyager.

6 Emilie aime faire de l’équitation.

7 Thuy aime la télévision.

8 Djeneba n’aime pas faire du sport.

1 vrai
2 faux
3 vrai
4 vrai
5 faux
6 vrai
7 faux
8 faux

Cherche les expressions

1 say hello?

2 give their name?

3 give their age?

4 say they like something?

1 Salut or tchao
2 Je m’appelle
3 J’ai
4 J’aime

Qui est-ce?

  1. Elle est québécoise.
  2. Il parle allemand.
  3. Il a quinze ans.
  4. Il aime voyager.
  5. Elle adore le ski.
  6. Elle n’aime pas la télévision.
  7. Il adore le football.
  8. Elle aime étudier.

1 Emilie
2 Andre
3 Stephane
4 Clair
5 Emilie
6 Thuy
7 Ahmed
8 Djeneba

Et maintenant, à toi

Which of the students in Salut, les copains! would you most like to meet? Why? Jot down your thoughts and share them with a classmate.

I would like to meat Stephane because he is very chill. Also I like dancing and swimming.