Music – Traditional Folk Music

I believe, Folk Music is music from particular regions which have their own folk tales and traditions. They pass these traditions and stories down through the generations which have morals and moods to them. I think that mostly these songs are used to show the history of different nations and regions.

Some Spanish folk instruments were the Flamenco Guitar, Cajon (drum), Palillos (sticks) and Palmas (hands/clap).











Traditional Spanish folk music is usually not sang but played with different instruments. The rhythm is the most important part of Spanish folk songs.

A well known Spanish folk song is “Flamenco” which was created in 1774 but later on evolved so that there were different types of regional Flamenco such as “Flamenco Malaguenas”

 In the song named Flamenco the instruments used are the Flamenco Guitar, Cajon (drum), Palillos (sticks) and Palmas (hands/clap). In the flamenco there are lyrics but they are normally used for some different regional type flamencos’. The lyrics to the song are:

Verde que te quiero verde
verde viento verdes ramas
el barco sobre la mar
el caballo en la montaña.

Verde, que yo te quiero verde. 

Con la sombra en la cintura
ella sueña en la baranda
verdes carne, pelo verde
su cuerpo de fría plata.

Compadre quiero cambiar
mi caballo por tu casa
mi montura por tu espejo
mi cuchillo por tu manta.

Compadre vengo sangrando
desde los Puerta de Cabra
y si yo fuera mocito
este trato lo cerraba.

Pero yo ya no soy yo,
ni mi casa es ya mi casa
dejadme subir al menos
hasta las altas barandas.

Compadre, quiero morir,
decentemente en mi cama.
De acero, si puede ser,
con las sábanas de holanda.

Compadre donde está dime,
donde está esa niña amarga
cuantas veces la esperé
cuantas veces la esperaba.

Music – Importance Of Rhythm and Call and Response Song

Why is rhythm important for music?

Rhythm adds a whole new dimension to music. Instead of just different pitches and the same beats over and over, there can also be different arrangement of beets (rhythm). Rhythm creates the uniqueness of each composition and gives each piece it’s own emotion and character. Rhythm basically adds different beats in at different times like if you were to have a beat: 1 2 3 4.  Then you can change it and add eight notes or sixteenth notes or maybe even a rest. This makes the beat much more groovy and catchy. This is why rhythm is important for music.

This is my Call and Response song

Unit 1 Music Reflection

At the beginning of grade 6, Ms. Bridgewater, our music teacher told us that we were to choose an instrument to make a solo with. In this unit we have done 3 pieces of work (not including this reflection), they are: Composer Biography, Instrument Tree and lastly the video at the top named Music Recording. For the last task I played “He’s a pirate” from the pirates of the Caribbean (movie). The version of the song I played was simplified but even though I still messed up around the end. We also did a live performance infront of the class, which was for our teacher just to check if we were practicing.

“He’s a pirate” was made by Klaus Badelt, and produced by Hans Zimmer . They both played a great role in making the scores for the pirates of the caribbean. The version of the song I played was simplified for my level and so that I could play it. Even though it was simplified I still made a small mistake around the end of the song. However it was the fastest part in the song and the finger parts were spread out thats why I missed a key. I practiced every two to three days  and the way  I practiced was by  playing the hole song until I made a mistake and then start it over again, again and again until I did it correctly without a single mistake. A problem I had during practice was that I kept failing in one part and kept doing the (song) over and over. But I did not think of the another way which was only practicing that exact part so I did not get a lot better at the song. Also while I was performing infront of the class I kind of forgot one of the parts in the song and I got gravely humiliated.

In this unit I have learned how to practice in the correct way like practicing a part that I don’t know. I have also learned that it does not matter on how fast you play it is all about getting the fingering correct and not messing up. I think a way I can get proficient at playing the piano is by practicing more and maybe put more effort into playing the piano. I would also like to try maybe harder songs. To become a musician I think I would have to practice everyday 4 hours and to keep practicing the same song and trying to keep learning new songs because or else I wouldn’t practice enough and normally musicians have a lot of experience with their instrument so that they don’t mess up. Once I get good enough then I would try making my own songs and post them on  youtube and then maybe do a few concerts. But I don’t think I am ever going to get to that level I just like to play piano for the fun of it.