My tutorial video

Here is the form to give me some feedback for my tutorial.

This unit in technology, we have created our tutorials. Our tutorials had to meet a set of criteria which our class made, and the criteria was basically some things the tutorials should have. We did not have to meet all of the criteria but we would have to meet most of the criteria.

A criteria I think I have met is strategy. I think I have met the criteria of strategy because I explain a few tips on different ways to tuck, which may help out some people if it is hard for them to do it the other way. I also give advice on helping out to do the flip because I teach them the “Front Drop Roll” which is basically a front flip but landing on your back. Another criteria I have met is, in order because I started from a good starting point which is just learning how to jump higher and that’s very helpful, then I gave advice and tips. It would have not been in order if I had given tips then shown how to tuck because then it wouldn’t have made sense for the audience. Lastly I reached the criteria of title because my title explains clearly what I am going to show and what you are going to use that skill in.

Some new ideas I got about tutorials that extended my thinking were from watching Ro and Aner’s tutorial. I got the idea that you don’t have to use titles because you have already explained it. Another Idea I got is that editing is sometimes good to change around your video if it is too shaky. An idea which I got by watching other tutorials is that it’s a good idea to make your tutorial fun by maybe adding a montage or showing something you can do with the skill you learned.

A thing I am still challenged by is finding the right music to go with my tutorial. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a good song that would match with my tutorial on Jamendo. all I could find were distracting songs which did not even match the topic of my tutorial. A question I have is, how many different ways of planning are there?. Over the years in YIS I have learned a few ways to plan stories and such but I would like to know how many ways there are to plan.

This unit was really interesting and making my tutorial was challenging and fun. The part I liked the most was filming because it was the part where I got to do the action. I think the planning was quite helpful because I learn’t a new method of planing and I got to think of different ways to improve my tutorial. Hopefully I will get to make more tutorials in future technology classes.






Tutorial Plan Reflection

In the past month of technology, we have been working on and completing the plan stage of making our tutorials. We have learned various different ways of planning, such as storyboards, and timelines to help make the tutorial more organized and thought out.

This is my storyboard, and outline below:


 The storyboard for my tutorial meets the criteria of strategie, in order and title. I think it reached the criteria of strategie because I explain a few tips on different ways to tuck which may help out some people if it is hard for them to do it the other way. I also give advice on helping out to do the flip because I teach them the “Front Drop Roll” which is basically a front flip but landing on your back. I reach the criteria, in order because I started from a good starting point which is just learning how to jump higher and that’s very helpful, then I gave advice and tips. It would have not been in order if I had given tips then shown how to tuck because then it wouldn’t have made sense for the audience. Lastly I reached the criteria of title because my title explains clearly what I am going to show and what you are going to use that skill in.

What makes my tutorial a fine one is that it is creative and not boring. My tutorial is creative because I film the shot and the speaking at different angles. When I am jumping I am filming at a sideways angle which is more helpful than straight on. When I am speaking I make sure it is straight up and focused on me and me speaking because if it isn’t then the audience might get distracted by the background. My tutorial is not boring because it will not have parts where there is too much preparation for a flip or just accidentally forgetting my lines and trying to remember them. I will always keep the video flowing

The picture below is my tutorial timeline plan which basically shows what I need to do to start filming. Some things I think I need to learn to make this tutorial are doing a flip without failing and talking without laughing or messing up. I think I can improve my flips by practicing my trampolining skills and going out more to jump on my trampoline. I think I can improve my speech by focusing as hard as I can and maybe reviewing my speech a few times to remember it.

Tech – Tutorial Investigate Reflection

In this part of our unit we have started researching on tutorials. The first task we did was observing 3 to 5 different tutorials about whatever topic we wanted, and then we had to comment on what we thought was good or what we thought could be improved.  We then created a blog post with our favorite tutorial (embedded) and wrote about it. Lastly we commented on other peoples favorite tutorials 

On Freddie’s blog I watched a tutorial named “How to draw peace, in Graffiti letters”. I learned that when drawing in graffiti letters you always need to draw an outline to where you are going to draw. I also learn’t that sometimes graffiti letters overlap. Mark’s favorite tutorial “How To Do A Backflip – Extremely Detailed Backflip Tutorial” was very well done even though it was long. I learned that even though a tutorial is long, it is sometimes ok because if you explain in detail, the person will have smaller chances of hurting themselves or doing it incorrectly. Another reason why I think its ok to have it long, is so that he has more time to explain the different ways so that the person can understand better. On Charlie’s blog I watched a tutorial named “How To Tap Dance: Basic Steps”. I learn’t that that tap dancing is not as hard as it seems because normally when you watch a tap dancer tap dance, you see their feet moving rapidly along the ground. But its just a matter of practicing and doing those main steps. The last blog I commented on was Nao’s blog the name of his favorite video was “How to Install Mine craft Forge 1.4.7 (mac)”. In this video I learn’t how to install mine craft forge and many other mods because the way you install mine craft forge is the way you install many other mods. I also learn’t what mine craft forge was used for.


Here are some differences between the tutorial I have done and my favorite tutorial.
His tutorial is a video, and mine is a slideshow
Both of our tutorials have words and they also both don’t have voice. This is rare for a video tutorial but in the video tutorial he was very far away from the camera so he couldn’t record, unless he created a separate voice track and put them both together, but that would sound off.
My tutorial was more general and less specific than the other tutorial because I did not have as much time to create it.
If you were doing my tutorial you would have to go back and forth for instructions. But if you were watching the other tutorial you could just listen and keep going with it. In the type of tutorial I was doing you could not show (picture/video)how to drag into another folder, I could only tell how to (words).
It is much easier to follow his tutorial than mine.

I have learned that in order for my tutorial to be exceptional, I will have to try not to mispronounce any words just incase the viewer can not make out what I am trying to say. I will also have to learn how to screen and audio record because I might have to be able to record my screen to make a tutorial, and if I don’t know how to then I will take a longer amount of time trying to learn that. Lastly I will have to be enthusiastic. If I am not enthusiastic about my video, then it will not seem detailed/on topic, nor will it be as exciting  to watch.

My Favorite Video Tutorial

In Technology class I have researched four tutorials, and these two are my favorite out of those four.

I like 3 easy steps to get over the fear of learning a backflip on a trampoline is because it shows you how to do a backflip at the same time as telling you how to get over the fear of doing a backflip. I also liked it because it showed me how to get over the fear of breaking my neck  by doing smaller steps first, the reason I had to get over the fear of breaking my neck was because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be able to fully turn around and only land on my back. Another thing is that it showed me examples in slow motion which I think is very useful because then I could see exactly what he was doing but in more detail so then I could do exactly what he did. lastly it tells you exactly what to do and when to do it like when he explains that you have to make your hand touch the trampoline right after your feet leave it, this is good because if you put your hand before your feet leave the trampoline you won’t get enough lift (I have learned this from experience).

I like How to do a Backflip on a Trampoline. Again I like how it shows me how to get over the fear of breaking my neck but also how he explained in a lot of detail for example this: “jump, tuck your knees in, fall back, land on your back and come back onto your feet”. He spoke at a very slow rate, which I think is good because that way I could understand what he was saying and what to do.Also he does it in an open area where there are no distractions and other people. He also taught me that when you first start practicing backflips it’s good to throw your arms up, and that when you start getting better you don’t have to because you will know how to rotate more by moving your body.

Technology Create Reflection

In technology class this week we have done the Create part of the Design Cycle in the Becoming a Blogger Unit. We have made an About Me page and updated our widgets to make our blog easy to navigate through. We also created a navigation menu that included all of our categories and pages. I chose to make the name of my About Me page About The Author because it is basically about the author.

At this moment I am very proud of my blog design. I like how the green squared background due to the fact that it contrasts with the white and also that it keeps my blog simple and neat. I also like my header image because I made it myself on photoshop. Even though it does not look super cool and colorful I still like it because it does not have to be super cool and colorful and that it is contrasting, blending and simple. 

The thing I am most proud of on my blog is my About Me page because it is the most detailed thing I have ever written on my blog and it was the longest thing I have written on my blog. It was a lot easier to talk about myself than any other subject thats why to me it seemed the most well written. It included a lot of detail which I require in all of my posts. The last reason on why I like it is because it talks about my passion which is astronomy.

In conclusion I think my blog is very well done and has many different topics and things to read about. As I said earlier it shows how I like to be neat and clean. I have also learn’t many things about making a blog changing widgets and talking about myself. I have learn’t that it is ok to express yourself in public except without too much detail. But the thing I think is the most important is that I like my blog and that it expresses me.


Plan Reflection

In this past three weeks, we have been working on the Design and Plan part of the Design Cycle, and that is the second part of the design cycle. In the Design and Plan stage we have done two things one of them is the How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet and the other one is named Theme Design (when we did 3 drawings).  I think the reason we have done these things is because we have to write our thoughts down on what exactly what we want our blogs to look like and be in the future. Also so we can see how the theme would look like laid out instead of seeing it in your mind. I have actually learnt many things from these two activities we have done. I have learnt that even though you have the ideas in your head that you should write them down and that will help you expand your ideas. I have also learnt how exactly I want to make my blog look like, and lastly I have learnt exactly how I want to expand my blog.


I chose the theme “Fleshy” because it is very simple so that there are not too many things distracting you from the background therefore you can focus more on my posts. Another reason why I chose this theme is so that your eyes don’t get weary from seeing so many complicated drawings and repeating backgrounds. I chose this theme because it is simple and I like to keep things simple. Also it shows how I like to keep my blog simple and not too crazy.

I would like to learn how to move my title and tagline into my header image. The way I will learn this is by, maybe asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), googling it or looking it up on youtube. Another thing I want to learn is how to change the color of the boxes next to my post that show the date I posted it in big numbers. Ways I can learn how to do this are, asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), checking the WordPress website or asking one of the tech team members (Idan). One last thing I want to know how to do is how to change the color of the white part where all the posts are. Ways to do this can be by, asking my technology teacher (Ms.Cafino), looking it up on youtube or googling it up.

A thing that was challenging in this unit was the Theme Design because we had to draw 3 very detailed and neat drawings which took a lot of work because we had to do it precise and we had to make the lines perfectly straight in pencil then highlight it with a black marker. I liked doing the How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet because it was easy and also we wrote down how we want our blog to look like in the future and how to get there. In total I think my work was pretty well worked out because in my Theme Design I kept the drawing neat and colorful. In my How To Grow a Blog Planing Sheet I think I did ok because I filled out every question in paragraph form.




Technology- Blog Investigation Reflection.

During these past 6 weeks, we have worked on three things. The first one was our Blog research , the second one was the Blog brainstorm and the last one was learning about word press.  The reason we did these things was because we had to understand what a blog was what you do on it and what you can do with it. I learned from this unit that if we don’t learnthe basics and know how to find out the important facts, we can’t make a good blog.


For the Blog research here we had to visit 3 blogs and write down what we thought was good about the blog and why we thought it was important. I think this helped us to make a better blog because if we added the things we thought were good then our blog will turn out better.  Another thing is to have pictures (the pictures should stay on the topic) so that the readers don’t get bored. Also, we need to have good fonts and designs, and we should be organized to get the readers attention. When I had finished working on it I found out what was a good blog. I observed my partners and I saw the different  perspectives people had. In the Blog brainstorm we had to make up 5 topics sub topics and details (each one inside of the other) of what we were going to write in our blogs. The reason we had to do the brainstorm was because if we ran out of things to write on our blogs then we will not post for a while. Therefore the viewers of my blog will get bored and go to another blog. So if we make the brainstorm in advance then we won’t run out of things to write. learning about word press  here we had to figure out by ourselves what each section did like adding a post, moderating comments, managing widgets, etc. I learnt how to create menus’ widgets and lots of other things.



The three most important criteria to me are organization, writing and pictures. I think to be organizational is very important because that way people on your blog can search for your things easily without having to rummage through all your posts. Also if your blog is not organized, it will look messy, and if it is messy, someone who wants to look at the same post they saw before won’t be able to find it. I also think writing is important because if you don’t use your grammar, punctuation and spelling correctly some people won’t understand what your saying, and if they don’t understand what you are saying then what is the point of going onto your blog? Another thing is that if your writing makes sense, is organized and is detailed enough it will show that you have a good understanding of english and that you are smart. Finally pictures. When someone doesn’t use pictures and only a ton of words the reader might get bored and stop reading. But when you do then they will see what is happening understand what it looks like and get a little bit more interested.


If you want to check if you made your criteria well, you can do these things. For instance, organization check that you have made categories. Then make sure that you have put your posts in each appropriate category. Writing check if there are any red lines below your words and if you have trouble with grammar you should say it out loud and listen to hear if it sounds right. Finally pictures you should first look at all the posts you have on your front page and see how many pictures you have put per post. So if I have one picture per post that is fairly well if I have two pictures per post then that is great.


In conclusion I am proud of myself. We have done a lot of work in these six weeks and it was hard. Like the brainstorm we had to make many bubbles of description and topics and stuff. Things I would like to improve are maybe writing more words in each comment and add a few pictures. I also might want to add to my blog put a background and other things. I loved to do this unit and can’t wait for the next!