Drama – Shortened Stories

The Wise King of Leon

There was a very rich nobleman who had three sons, he gave the eldest son his page, the second his butler, and the youngest his barber.

The barber fell in love with the king’s only daughter, who was just as  fond of him; and when the king heard of this, he decided on putting a stop to it, so he called for the princess, and said: “I know that you are in love with my barber, and if you insist on marrying him I will have you killed.”The princess, on hearing her father say this, became very sad, and asked him to allow her one day for consideration, to which the king acceded.

She then went to her room, and getting together some of her finest dresses, she made them up into a bundle, and left the palace by a secret door.

For 7 days and nights, the princess walked through the forest, living off of wild berries, and water kept in the flowers. She stopped by to rest in the trunk of a tree.The king sent the barber to look for her, and told him that if he didn’t find the princess within a year, he would have the barber killed.

The princess had not been resting for long, when the barber approached sighing and saying to himself ” Woe is me, for I shall never find the princess! There are so many lovely damsels in Castille, and yet I must fall in love with the king’s only daughter.”The princess heard and replied “Woe is the king’s daughter! There are so many gallants in Spain, and yet she must fall in love with her father’s barber!” The barber searched from where the voice came, but couldn’t find it, and he laid on the oak tree in which the princess was hidden. The princess then swapped clothes with the barber, and rode back to the kingdom of Leon.

She went up to the king, and asked him if she could be the barber, the king, unnoticing accepted this proposal. When the REAL barber woke, he noticed his clothes, and horse were gone, so he put on the princess’s dress. According to the fashion of the day, he made a pretty woman.

When he reached to the kingdom of Leon, he was accepted as a daughter of the neighbouring king of Castille.

The King of Leon was so charmed with the beauty of the new arrival that he could not sleep, and so he sent for the barber, to whom he confided his love. The real princess was much astonished to hear that her lover was in the palace, for she guessed it was he in female clothes; but she kept quiet until her lover was asleep in bed, and then she stole into his room, put back his clothes, and took her own away.

The king got up earlier than usual, for he was so anxious to see the new arrival; but before doing so he sent for the barber to shave him.They looked everywhere for him, but without success; and at last, in despair, they went to the bedroom of the new arrival, and, knocking at the door, intimated the king’s command that she should present herself.The princess was ready; and, slipping past the courtiers, presented herself before the king. “Who are you?” inquired the king.“I am the daughter of the King of Castille, as I informed your mercy yesterday,” answered the princess.“But where, then, is my barber?” rejoined the king.“What does one king’s daughter know about another king’s barber?” said the princess.At this moment the real barber presented himself, and humbly begged the king’s pardon for having deceived him.“But who are you?” roared the king. “Are you a barber or a thief?”“I am the youngest son of a marquess,” answered the youth, “a barber by trade, and affianced to the daughter of the King of Castille.”Then the princess stepped forward and explained everything to the king, who was so interested with what he heard, that the princess and the barber had to tell the tale over and over again to him. Then he said—“I have been shaved by the King of Castille’s daughter, and I have courted his barber. I will not be again deceived. They shall now be man and wife for ever.”This was the wise King of Leon.


Drama – Do It Yourself Programs

7A Drama: DIY Programs4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This is my DIY program, I partnered up with Dan ( the guy on the left ), and we chose to do a magic trick. The one we’re explaining is a coin vanish trick, very simple, but you need the right equipment.

In this DIY, I really didn’t have a target audience, mostly teens, and children who were interested in magic, so I wanted to make it as fun as possible for them. This affected my organisation of the video: We started off by showing the magic trick, then explaining it, and then explaining how to do it. The vocabulary in my program also changed, I used simple vocabulary, and descriptive vocabulary to help them get the idea. Since they were mostly kids, I tried to be open with my actions, and tried showing exactly what I was doing, lifting my arms to the camera at times.

For equipment and recourses, I think I did a very good job. I lined them up, and picked each one up, while I said it’s name. This gave a very good idea of what you need for the trick, because it also shows you what it looks like. I also think I organised the program well, with the trick in the beginning and the explanation next. I think I could have let Dan say the conclusion, I got a little nervous, and completely forgot he had to say the conclusion, so that could be something I could work on for next time.

I used some gestures, and and projected my voice far, so it was easy to hear me. I spoke in chronological order, and made sure that my sentences included all the details of how I did certain things. For example, I said “rub the coin in a CIRCULAR FASHION”. I also think the bit of trivia was well thought up, because it talked about the man who invented the trick, and who he was. Although I didn’t say the actual bit of trivia, I made the paragraph of trivia for my partner, Dan, to say.

7A Drama: DIY Programs5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another DIY program which seemed captivating, was Freddie’s Ro’s, and Asuka’s. They had a very intriguing topic, and talked in a very appealing way, making me interested in what they were doing. I think they did a great job on choosing the tricks, and explaining them in a good manner.

Group Mimes

I believe I may have overreacted in some parts of the skit. When I was cocking my gun, I made it seem much bigger than I normally portrayed it to be. Also, when I was taking the grenade out of my pocket, it seemed to be much too small for a grenade. I believe I used my space quite well because I had to move around the plane. I think I could have made the plane look a little bit more realistically larger, because the corridor in which we were walking around in, was a little bit tight.

I interacted with the other characters by attempting to seem like a caring person. I also act as if I care about their problems, at times. Another way I interacted with the other characters was by inducing fear to them. I had a gun pointed at their faces, and they replied with a very scared facial expression and body gesture.

I believe that the mime was not very believable because the story would not be very possible, but I think that our acting was good enough to portray that this was a plane ride and that there were problems going on. I think that it wouldn’t be very believable because I managed to sneak a very large shotgun and a grenade into the plane. Also, when I tried to enter the captain’s cockpit, I had to wait for my partner to poke me on the shoulder, so I was basically just standing there slowly opening the door.

7A Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.