2012 Field Studies hike

The final outdoor activity we did was the mountain hike. We were out of the hotel for about six hours. On our way up it was very steep at the beginning, but then it started getting smoother and not so uphill. At around 3 quarters of the way we stopped to have a curry lunch and play with the mini boats on the big puddle. Very close to the end there was a cliff and we had to hold a rope because it was very slippery and if you fell you would either have major injuries or die. I think I was responsible because I managed to keep my foot on without slipping and I did it all without help. In conclusion I liked the whole entire camp and learn’t many things.

This a picture taken from the top of the mountain.

2012 Field Studies Mountain Biking

Mountain biking was really fun for me because I am used to riding bikes except not so hard core. We did a very long and steep hill and I managed to do it without walking, so did my friend George, Joi and some other friends. I never walked the whole way and the bike was a little small. I think I showed the Learner Profile term Inquisitive because I thought it was very fun and I improved my balance and biking skills (for mountain biking).

This is my group mountain biking.

2012 Field Studies Canoeing in Hakuba

On the second day the first activity we did was canoeing in the lake of Aokiko in Hakuba. (FYI) Hakuba is NW of Yokohama, on the other side of japan.

Canoeing was the first thing we did, first we were all split up into groups of three and we assigned each other our positions. I was assigned the back position which was the controller and the steerer of the boat. The other two at the middle and the front of the canoe, they were the motors which paddeled and I had to keep the canoe going straight. I guess my group showed that we were co-operative and communicative because we managed to work together like I had to tell them how fast to paddel and they did that speed, and since I was the strongest I coud easily turn our boat. I was also showed to be a risk taker because I jumped into the frozen water with my clothes on (because I forgot to bring my swimsuit). Canoeing was my favorite activity because I loved swimming and getting wet, I also liked it because then I could work better with my friends in the future.

Here is a picture of lake Aokiko

This is lake Aokiko


2012 Three fun activities I did on the first day of Field Studies in hakuba

On the first day when we arrived to Evergreen Outdoor Center we gathered up had a talk and then had lunch. We once again gathered up and they explained what we had to gather to make our tent. We got all of the resources and then we started to make our tents. I was knowledgable because I knew how to help make a tent because I made one before.

This is two different tent groups making their tent’s

Once we finished we deposited our luggage into our tents we did three activities (actually did four but that one is not important). The first one we did was named helium hoop and also helium stick. For the helium hoop and the helium stick it was the same idea. Everyone had to place their two index fingers straight facing up to the hoop while holding it um from the bottom, and we had to get the hoop to the floor (same with helium stick except with stick). For some reason not everyone co-operated and the hoop (for some reason) went up instead of our goal which was down. We tried again and this time everyone communicated and co-operated well and we got the hoop to the bottom. We did the same with the helium stick. Once we got bored of doing it we tried with less people per thing and it was easier. I think it was because with less people its easier because they don’t have to communicate with too many people.

Not my picture

Next we went to a more open area and tried another activity that had to do with ropes. In this activity we had to stand in a circle and then we had to hold the end of one string in both of your hands so its like a string circle. We had to try and make a not with every string. We kept trying but it never worked and then one of the counselors gave us a hint. The hint was to pretend as if we were part of the string, so we went under and over each others strings but we never quite got the hang of it. When we finally gave up our counselor told us that 4th graders managed to do it and I thought to myself “great 4th graders are smarter than us.”

Lastly we did something named lava passing. The idea is to get everyone across a lava lake and the only way you can is by having a magical helmet on but you can only wear it to cross the river once. We got the idea and started thinking then we got the idea of making a large person carry a small, person and then make the small person wear the helmet to cross one more time. We kept doing this but there was a flaw there was not enough people being carried. So they made me (the strongest) carry two of the not the lightest people on my back for some reason. I succeeded and then they kept doing that with the strongest people and we finally made it. In that activity I was a risk-taker because I carried two (not very light) people on my back.

Looking Forward To Field Studies

Next week we are going to start doing field studies. In field studies we are going to do a wide range of activities such as ballooning, hiking, mountain biking, etc. We will sleep in tents and hotel rooms with tatami and beds.

I am looking forward to sleeping in tents because we will be in sleeping bags and sleeping backs are cozy. I am also looking forward to going ballooning and canoeing. I am worried about the hike and mountain bike because I am not very fit for that and I might get much too tired. I am curious about how cold the water is because I feel like swimming in that lake. Last of all and in total I am very exited about going to Hakuba for field studies.