Soundtrack Music Process Journal & Cue Sheet

January 15:

We’ve just started the project and we created a great melody to put with all types of music. We think however that this melody will not sound well when played as “love” with high pitch and long notes. We think this because the melody sounds too epic when played in its own rhythm and such, so when we attempt to do the “love” style we will slow down the rhythm and play a super high pitch.

February 18:
Expectation: we will have filled out most of the table and thought of how to change out motif for each move theme.
Reality: We almost finished the table with comedy and happiness being areas we have to fill.

March 4th:
We are going to add some new melodic instruments to Hedwig’s theme. Jay will play the piano, I will play the xylophone, and Dan will play the orchestra theme on the piano. Drums aren’t melodic but a good beat will help the song stand out. I’ve chosen to play the bass notes on the xylophone to make the song have lots more “bang” to it which I think helps.
After that we’re going to start placing our motif in different scenarios and adding many instruments to it.

March 18th: We have created the horror version of our motif, now we just have to make 9 more descriptions for the music. Next up is a “loving” sound and so I will have piano and an acoustic guitar. With these sounds I will have a slow tempo no drum beat because that is too harsh, and smoothly translate through the notes with laggato.

 April 9th: I completed loving, happy, and thrilling and I am going to complete everything as soon as I can.

 May 20th: Most of the project was tough to think of what to create and what sounds would sound sad or happy or surprising. I had to do lots of research on the techniques used and how they use music in correlation with the actions of the characters in the film. I’ve learned many things including the buildup technique that I would have implemented in the epic scene. Overall the scenes were difficult to think up of and the story was tough to make. Next time we should make something like a storyboard for the story so it has an interesting plot and such.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.57.20 AM








 —————–Scenes—————————————-Describe scene————————Describe musical features
Horror(click on picture to hear music) There is a guy tied up in a chair
and then a paranormal man appears out of no where in front of him and pulls out a knife. Then the screen goes black, and you can hear a scream. (Not included in the soundtrack)
Starts off with a slow rhythm and low octave using only half-notes, and ending in eighth notes. Throughout the piece it slowly becomes louder with the trumpet blaring towards the end. This creates tension because the music slowly becomes louder.
I chose to start off slow to add some mystery to the mix of these dark instruments, by starting off slow I add tension because when I add two 8th notes quickly between the slow notes it can scare the audience because of how sudden it is.
The instruments I used were a trumpet, and an organ.
This song has our main motif the notes are above the cue sheet.
Loving A flashback to the beginning . Man walks on street and finds women he loves, the scene goes into slow-mo and the camera zooms on her. They are both happy and the sun is out. The scene seems happy but the background turns out to be sinister The music starts when the eyes meet. The music is very sappy (an actual word believe it or not).
The way we would conjure this effect is through a piano playing the motif with a high pitch, and slowly at half note pace. Also with a less prudent acoustic guitar playing the chords in the background, people often associate acoustic guitars with relaxation, and so mixed with high pitched laggatto notes from a piano it can be very beautiful.
Instruments that would be used are an acoustic guitar and an upright piano.
Sad The sun slowly makes way for the clouds and the man is confused. He looks at the woman in despair as she cries. She slowly lets go of his hand and turns away. The man tries to hold on but the women pulls away and runs off. The man stands and looks at her for a minute. He breaks down on the street and lies down. The music will have a very slow pace with a grand piano playing the motif notes for much longer than usual.
We will only use a grand piano in this scene because grand pianos play very loud and true sounds. So with a high pitched slow motif on a grand piano it will induce sadness and sorrow. For extra measure we will add some chords to be played (preferably minor). Playing the motif until the end, I will add two chords to be played repeatedly each to be played for the duration of one whole note. The chords will be (Gminor) and (♭E/g)
Thrilling The man suddenly pulls his head up and screams. He stomps towards the nearest car and races home. He slams open the door and looks at his stuff. He starts pulling shelfs down and kicking around his stuff. He blames himself for the breakup. He runs outside and goes in his car. He starts driving towards the nearest store and robs it. The music becomes louder each time the stuff is destroyed. The scene will begin without music just using diegetic sound, this is a great way to create tension because no music means something is coming up.
Just as he opens the door the music starts with a quick violin “#A” played which acts as a jump scare and prepares the audience for future confrontations. While the man is running around destroying stuff the motif is played quickly and repeated  throughout the scene.
Epic An epic battle scene in which after the man robs the store, encounters the police and runs off in his car in an epic chase scene. At a medium pace the regular version of the motif is played like so:
To make a song epic there is a build up technique which is used. I will start off only with a choir singing the motif, then after one playthrough of the motif I will keep adding one more instrument. Choir, then the percussion, then the violin, then the cello, and finally the trumpet. With a buildup of these instruments in order it becomes slightly louder and over time this can sound epic. The reason it sounds epic is because of the harmony between the violin and the choir will be on different octaves.
Choir, percussion, violin, cello, trumpet.
Creepy After escaping the police the man encounters an abandoned house and walks into the house and there is a long corridor. Very slow and high pitched.Played slightly slower than the original motif to match with the footstep rhythm.
motif played, using a violin. With each step he takes there’s a bass drum hit played. This creates tension because each step is presented as taking a leap of faith almost. This Hallway will be/sound dark and so will the drum being played as he takes the steps.
Instruments: Violin, bass drum.
Action The man finds a ghoul in the house and attempts to escape as he dodges the chunks of meat it throws at him. Fast drum beat with electric guitar playing the motif at two times the pace.
Here I will put many layers including drums, electric guitar, vocals (anything really), as well as bass guitar to make this whole action scene have a constant beat. The electric guitar will be placed with high distortion to make it sound more hardcore. This is because no distortion makes it sound more pure and heartily however with lots of distortion it is filled with action and hardcore. All of these layers will make the music sound filled and busy making the audience feel different than if it was slow and open.
The instruments will be drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, and vocals.
Calming The man has successfully escaped from the ghoul and is calmly walking the streets back home. The song will start out with a bass drum rhythm simple and catchy. This is soothing to the viewers because of how simple it is and how little general “noise” there is. After a few rounds of the simple beat we will add a wooden xylophone playing the notes of the motif on a high pitch. This is soothing because the sound of a wooden xylophone is not too heavy and so does not create any tension whatsoever.
Instruments will be drums and a wooden xylophone.



Chord Progression Song Reflection

In our music unit, Sho and I created a chord progression song in garageband.

Firstly I will talk about how working with a partner actually improved the song we created immensely. As the saying goes, two minds are better than one; and so with more ideas we developed a better-sounding chord progression and this also allowed us to perform live using two instruments (piano and mouth/beatbox).

As for the problems Sho and I encountered on our journey; they weren’t really that grave. The only problem was me not being able to think up of a melody and so we had to substitute that with beatbox which turned out great. Other than that no other problems were grave enough to stop us in our path.

The piece Sho and I created may have not been good enough to be put on the radio and so on, however we still think it was pleasing to the ears and so could be performed at any small event. Although we didn’t have a melody the beatbox really did make up for it.

Lastly, I will talk about what we need to do in order to do a better job next time. The most important part we must improve on is just creating a melody that fits the progression, with a good melody and beatboxing the song would have been much better.

First Day

We’re meant to define a triad, and a chord.

A triad is basically three notes played simultaneously. Commonly used notes for this are C, E, and G.

A chord is just a combination of many notes played simultaneously to make harmony.