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I’m in class 7A, although I’m technically in 7B due to the laziness of the staff. We’re meant to be 7A. Our maths, and possibly even tutor teacher is Mr. Fedley, he teaches us 7th grade maths (because we’re in 7th grade). In this semester we’ve learned about ratios, algebra, angles and statistics.









Some activities we’ve completed this semester are: Tons of textbook work, tests, and assessments. A slightly small part of our grade were the exams. Now I don’t want to say what I got, but I guess it was fairly good (not by average, by score).

The most fun I’ve had, is doing the textbook work because we got to listen to music, and work together. It was good fun, and we went through the texts faster. A pretty challenging bit was the exam, we actually had to study at home to do well (I didn’t, I just studied as much as possible in class).

Next year in math I want to focus more on learning and remembering algebra formulas.

My Reflection of Semester 1 – Math

In the first semester of school, we did many projects and such, my two favourites were the Marine Tower and the ice cream conundrum. I have already written a blog post on the Marine Tower, it can be seen here. To sup up the Marine Tower project, it was basically to get us to understand Pythagoras theorem (which was something I learned by the way). In the ice cream conundrum, we had to figure out all the possible sets of combinations of a certain amount of types of ice creams. We were learning about sets and subsets.

What I liked most about math this semester were the creative projects we were set to complete. Three creative and fun projects I like were the ice cream conundrum, the Marine Tower, and the Firefighter test. These were all very fun to work on because they were interesting.
What I didn’t like much about this semester, was the venn diagram project. We were paired up with people I got quite mixed up with certain drawings we had to make. Working in groups isn’t one of my strengths.

The work that I was “most proud of” this semester, is the Venn Diagram project, I learned a lot about algebraic symbols. Even though I got a low score, it doesn’t show what I learned in the unit.

I want to improve on following the instructions on the TSCs’ to get higher scores on projects/assessments and tests. I normally don’t care about the TSC but it’s been affecting my scores. I guess I’ll try reading the TSCs’ more often, and try following what they say.


Math – Estimating Distances

Yesterday 7a went with 7c to Yokohama Marine Tower. What we did was we went to a boulevard next to Yokohama bay, and estimated distances in kilometers/meters of places from that area. Then we went to the top of the tower, wrote the actual distances and then estimated the distances of a few of the same things we estimated on the ground.

Here are some of my predictions and actual distances:

Mount Fuji prediction: 121 km, actual distance: 84 km. Motomachi Arc prediction 910m, actual distance: 900m. Yokohama Stadium prediction: 1.3 km, actual distance: 900m. The top of Tokyo Skytree prediction: 43 km, actual distance: 32 km.

My prediction and the actual distance were different due to the fact that it is very hard to “see” distances. You can’t know exactly what a kilometer “looks” like. Some of the places we couldn’t even see from the ground so we had to guess, and sometimes guesses are completely wrong.

When we were at the top of the tower we once more estimated the distances to YIS, YCAC, the horizon, and the top of Yokohama ferris wheel. When I was at the top of the tower I estimated the distances to be around 100 meters closer because the top of Marine Tower is around 100 meters above ground. Therefore since most of those places are high above the ground it would be closer than from the ground near Marine Tower. Of course it would be different for all of them.

Math – Morning double of October 15 2013

On the morning double of October 15 2013 6th and 7th grade went to the auditorium to play some awesome casino games. 8th grade were the ones hosting the games. They were either in groups of 2 or 3. Most of the games were designed to go in their favour. Chances of them losing were 15 to 30. A game which I played that gave me the most amount of tokens, was the “I forgot the name game”. It was where you had to pick a card, it doesn’t matter what type of card. Then you had to roll the dice, and if it landed on the number which your card was, you got 7 tokens. Oh ya it costs 1 token to play.