Japanese Music Composition

In this short music piece that Sho and I have created, we only used two japanese techniques which were Shan, and kororin. The scale we used was the pentatonic scale named In-sen with a B flat instead of an A flat.

What makes music sound like it belongs to a particular part of the world?

It’s not only the music in itself that makes itself sound like it belongs to a part of the world, but it’s also in the instruments. You’re not going to hear country music played by the Koto. Nor are you going to hear Japanese music played by a Banjo. Apart from the instruments, the scale also effects how it sounds. Pentatonic scales are used in Japanese music, and the blues scale is used in blues music around America. So the music, and instruments make it sound very much like that music is from a certain country.

So it’s not only the music in itself that makes it sound like it’s from a certain country, but also the instruments and scales.

Music Reflection

Jingle Bells Performance

Mr. Johnston said that the way I could improve my performance, would be to play the second half of the song. He also said that I have to practice more with the same tempo. In some parts I was a little fast and in others a little slow. I think I will use my feedback by really, just learning to play the rest of the song. I didn’t think that I had to play the rest because it was just a small practice, but guess it did matter.  The way I will improve my tempo and speed of play, is by changing some of the notes around and playing a little slower in total.

What does Written Music Tell You?

Written music tells us many things. It tells us how fast to play, what notes to play, which key, which octave and with what fingers to play. It tells us many different things and I’m just going to highlight most of them.

Firstly, it tells us that we have to play in a certain clef. There are two main clefs: The G clef and the F clef. Then to the right of the clefs are two numbers. These numbers  tell us what type of beat and how many of that beat there are in a measure. Another thing it tells us is what notes to play, and on the first note in a section, it tells us what finger to put on that starting note.

The speed of play can be changed and there are different names like moderato, allegro, etc.Dynamics are basically how hard you hit the notes. There are many types. write a piece of music There is Legato which tells us that the notes are to be played in sequence like right when you press the next one you let go of the other one. Then there is Staccato, it is were the notes are just quickly pressed on and then let go one behind the other. 

This is pretty much all I know about what written music tells us. I may have forgotten something but that’s some of it.