8th Grade Field Studies

Grade 8 field studies was gr8, and the r8 at which it past was very fast. The bus rides are always fun, and they finish in a jiffy. The evening after was filled with such laughter, and we played some games that were just not tame.

On the second day we did canyoning and rafting, which included some drafting. I got a few friends and blew out some trends. Screaming, Scheming and from time to time redeeming.

The rest of the days were the best of the phase, where we got 4 main activitays (activities in a british accent). Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Geocaching, and canoeing. All fun, but all under bad weather, by the time we were done we were stuck to, a tether.

We presented our skits, and returned to the wits, and had our final dinner, and remember that there really wasn’t a winner.

Smart Goals Collage (kind of)

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.00.05 PM


Smart goal:

I would like to learn at least two words for every 30 minutes I read. I will try to achieve this goal by reading 15-30 minutes every night before I go to sleep. The way I learn the words is, whenever I don’t understand a word, I look at the context and if I still don’t understand it, then I look it up in the dictionary. I believe this goal will help me in academics because it has to do with improving my English vocabulary. I will finish this this goal by reading a fairly long book which I will try to finish within 2 weeks. I may start another book soon after that.