Grade 6 Portfolio

My Goals

I have some goals for this next semester. The first one is getting good grades. This goal is important to me because I would like to go to a more advanced and sophisticated university. The steps I will take to achieve my goal are:

1. Studying a lot,
2. Remembering what I do for homework.
I think I reached this goal because I managed to get fairly high marks throughout the whole semester.
Another goal I have for the next semester is to stop being stressed. This goal is important to me because I would like to live longer and stop being angry and rude/mean. The steps I will take to achieve my goal are:
1. Doing all of my homework as soon as possible so I don’t keep the feeling of not having done it, inside me.
2. Study for tests as soon as possible.

My Finest and Funnest Projects



This is my tutorial which I created in technology. It took a long time to plan and research but we finally made our tutorials. Half way through when I was making my tutorial I noticed that it was going to be very hard to film the actual thing and that it was hard for my filming partner, so I started a whole new topic. I was so enthusiastic that I started again from scratch and I didn’t care. In total I actually think this version was even better than the first one and that making a trampolining tutorial was really fun.


Silk Road City Maps

This is my Silk Road City Map. A while ago we started a unit on the silk road. We did some small projects and then we started this one. In this unit we had to choose a country that was in the silk road and research about it. Then we had to take a bunch of maps and pictures of where it is located and of what it looks like. Overall I think that the project was quite time consuming and challenging. I really liked learning about Urumqi because it was a small city I had never heard of and it had quite some interesting history. I also got full on 8s on this project (just Saiyan).


Traditional Fold Song


In this Activity we picked one traditional folk song from our country  and write about it. I chose the flamenco malaguena because it is well known and it’s a song I like. I just wrote about some instruments and the flamenco guitar which is especially made for this type of song. I liked doing this activity because it was fun researching about a song I liked and learning about what they used to play it.


States of matter transformation

This was one of our first projects in science. Our unit was matter. In this activity we had to find out 2 or 3 different ways of making drinking water in antarctica. I thought of 3 ways. One of them was boiling the snow and getting the evaporated water to condense on a cold piece of metal. I liked doing this activity because it was challenging and we had to write it in story form.

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