Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change

In this unit we focused on pathos and how it is used in poetry and advertisement. We explored many literary devices and created a screencast analysing the difference between an ad and a poem. As for our last assignment we created a persuasive poem or ad, and we then created a rationale explaining the pathos techniques we incorporated.

In this unit I learned that tone and mood can be very different as the author can have a certain tone which in turn gives off a different mood. I also learned how to use some more literary devices such as anagrams, and portmanteau, with these I can more effectively express pathos in my audience.

In conclusion through this unit I have encountered a new form of persuading an audience and I will keep it in my mind for future reference. This unit has been more unique than the others and I look forward to having some more intriguing units in English class.