Teachers of the Futre – Plan

In the last weeks in technology we designed our own storyboard because we are going to make our own video. when we made the storyboard I learned lots of new things. The whole thing was new for me. I never made my own storyboard so that’s the first storyboard and the first video I will make that will be so fun to make my own video. In Technology we also made a “I used to think and now I think” Page that means we rinde Wat we was thinking in the first time and wat we think now Its a well because you are worrying on it and all was you get new Idas and on the and there is something ader at the beginning.

My plan reached the class criteria. because my storybord is in order not like first you draw the coler and than you draw the rest. its like first you draw the persen and dan you draw the coler .  my titel is gut to and the storybord is on order becose its not like lets draw something and then you do sailing .

my tutorial is good because I made it really detailed. I am sure that what I’m teaching will be learned because its not so long it’s short but really detailed .

for creating my tutorial I need to learn how to film my tutorial well.

(that is my storybord)

( that is my timeline)


Why is rhythm so important in music ? Well without rhythm the music  don’t have an how can I expel maybe I can say action. Without rhythm Music  is boring and not so interesting.  rhythm makes the point . Here is an  example : with rhythm la la la bum bum without rhythm l——a.  in music I wrote my own song and played on the piano and and the text I made to go with the song is here on my blog for you to see.

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