How to draw a M-ommse

In German lesson we read a book and there was a man named Moms. My friends and me thought about the name an started drawing. Then we showed the finest pictures to the class and everyone wanted to have a picture. I think I will show it to the whole world so everyone can see it .

please give me Tutorial Feedback   !!!!!!!!!!!

  reflect of my Tutorial

I think my tutorial awesome because it is step by step, not too quick. When it is to quick write in the Comments pls . I think it is ok to understand and it shows myself “creative and funny” (the cooler, the form I want to remember you, my friend and me designed them the  M-ommse) in technology I learned a lot, before I came to the school I didn’t know anything.  I learned completely everything, how to make a video on iMove and totally everything on iMovie. I think for my first video it is really good.

I watched some other tutorials from my school grade. I learned how you also can make other kinds of filming and making tutorials. Their tutorials are also so good. I hope you enjoy their tutorials, too. If you a want to wach them here is the link: Aner, he is doing hebrew. It is so awesome you can lern it so quick and Ro  with how to throw a baseball. Ro likes baseball, if you want to learn how to throw a baseball Ro is an good teacher. When you don’t want to watch baseball now, you can also go to youtube there will be so many videos you can watch to learn how to play baseball also hebrew videos you will find.      

I still have some question how to design the video better. Also how to get better quality and these things. I also want to make better music in my tutorial because the music I had is from Gargeband and I did it by my own.  I will try to find some good music maker apps  🙂       Maybe also a beginning for my video that I can use for all my videos.


See, Think, Wonder


                The music teddy bear 

       I see a teddy bear 

      I see a cool teddy bear

      I see a teddy bear hose listening to music

      I think he is old

      I think some won loves him

      I wonder wat music hes listening to

      I wonder how long he is listening to the music

                              by erik
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