I’m singing in the rain

I think Gene Kelly is a happy person.

In the beginning he is like a gentleman because his wife is with him. At first you think nothing is happening there are only two persons and they are kissing. His wife is just saying that the rain is so much today in California so he should take the umbrella and go home quickly.



But when the wife closes the door he is starting to have fun. He is like a “little child playing in the rain and singing”. I think Kelly used a lot of space in the video. First, he was dancing along the sidewalk for about 1o meters and he is doing tap-dance. Is that cool or not!? He is using lots of props, he danced around the lamp and he jumped up and down  in the water.

He went onto the street and danced with the umbrella.






But now the police man is behind Kelly and he is a normal person again. He is closing the umbrella and is giving the umbrella to the men who is walking there and the funny thing is he is always looking back to see if the police man is following him. 

And here is the link if you want ton watch the video :

I am singing in the rain 





Movie shots

In English class we started to explore movie shots. I think this will be a nice English unit!

We already did some filming and I took some screen shots from the film and will show you some different angles of the film camera .When you think about it there are a lot of different angles you can take in a film. Here are the pictures.

Over the shoulder shot

This is an angle where you are geting closer to the boy and seeing where he is looking.          In a movie I think it is interesting when something happens and then you see the back of a person, you feel like you’re coming near the person and then you see what he is seeing, a murder perhaps…!


Low angle Shot

This picture is dramatic because you are looking up from the the feet of the person. In comic films like Batman or Superman they use this because it looks like as the superhero is  strong and powerful or you maybe think it is like a Darth Vader in Star Wars or villains in movies like James Bond.

I am waiting with excitement for a film stating we Will look Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark .


Tokyo National Museum

Last week we went to a field trip. First I went in the train to the Ueno Zoo, watched animals and made notes for science. Then I went to the Tokyo National Museum. There I saw mummies! Excellent examples of Japanese mummies! Next text is from Tokyo National Museum: link: http://www.tnm.jp/modules/r_exhibition/index.php?controller=hall&hid=13#60 

Room 3  March 5, 2013 (Tue) – June 2, 2013 (Sun)

This part intrduces artifacts from West Asia and Egypt, known as the cradle of the earliest civilization.
Current exhibit includes:
Tomb Relief of Iny, Excavated at Saqqara, Egypt, Old Kingdom, 6th dynasty, 23rd century BC
Copper Foundation Peg with a God’s Figurine, Excavated in southern Iraq, Sumerian Early Dynastic period, 25th – 24th century BC
Mummy of Pasherienptah, Excavated at Thebes, Egypt, 22nd dynasty, ca. 945 – 730 BC (Gift of Egyptian Department of Antiquities)
Heracles, Excavated at Hatra, Iraq, Parthian period, 1st – 2nd century (Gift of Iraqi Government)
Large Jar, Blue glaze, Excavated in Iran, Islamic period, 13th – 14th century

Large Jar, Blue glaze, Excavated in Iran, Islamic period, 13th – 14th century

Ja, thanks for reading and I hope you will go to the National Museum.  It is not boring, it is very interesting. First I thought  “OH MY GOD, this is so boring!”, but really it’s so cool!


by erik



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